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Brooklyn, New York City, New York

August 1965

New York City/Brooklyn, New York A Dark Grey Cylinder UFO

Date: August, 1965
Time: Approx: 8:30 p.m.

Every now and then, my mother and I would take our dog on his night walk to the Parade Ground, a flat park of baseball and football fields. We went there because at the time it was being renovated, and the fields were being partitioned and fenced. This gave us some confidence to allow the dog off the leash to run free for a change.

The Parade Ground is just across Parkside Avenue from Prospect Park. It is August, 1965. I am ten years old.

The dog was having a good run, and once we saw that he wasn't about to run off completely, we relaxed and gazed upwards to view the night sky, trying to find various constellations.

In those days, the street lights in Brooklyn emitted a white light, and not the beige-looking type now in use. If you went to a park, you could get a decent view of the stars, but of course not anywhere near the view if you were upstate in deep woods.

Suddenly, as I looked to the left of me, I saw what I first mentally equated as a submarine perhaps two story's off the ground higher than the six story buildings beneath it.

"Hey Mom, do you see what I see?" She did.

Here comes this thing, slow and steady and silent. It is huge. It is dark grey - not "battleship grey," but as grey as can be before you rule it black. There is no shine to it.

The front of it was round; I'd seen pictures of submarines, and that is what came to mind. It is actually shaped more like a very long medicine capsule.

As it proceeded to float past us, we observed its right side. It is solid. It is a perfect and very long dark grey cylinder, and it just keeps coming very slowly and steadily.

Obviously, we can't see the top of it, but so far, we see that even though it is almost black, we sense a light behind the darkness. This does not make sense, as my mother and I later reckoned. The best I can come up with is that my eyes saw dark grey, but my mind knew the cylinder was emitting light. Dark light!

This was no blimp. No lights. No sound. No windows. No gondola beneath. No visible markings. No nothing! It is just a cylinder 300 feet longer than the Intrepid aircraft carrier now docked in the Hudson River going by!

This thing was so huge, that even from the height above me, (200 Feet?) it was clearly visible; visible enough to see even the slightest imperfection clearly, if it had any.

At the same time, we are not in any panic. We are unusually serene. As if it's no big deal somehow. Maybe we were in a stupor beyond awe.

Finally, the end of the ship passes. I ran to see the back of it. I see it is as round as the front with an opening in the center. To this day, I'm not sure if it was square or arch-like. I am convinced that at least the bottom of the opening in the back of it was flat, so it was square or arched. I remember thinking that 3 buses could easily drive inside at the same time. On the other hand, I've seen jets low to the ground on approach to JFK Airport, and thought that "my" cylinder was at least 3 times wider at the same height.

This is the only time I experience apprehension. I worry for a moment that whoever is flying this cylinder might see me.

I ran to where I could see the other side of the cylinder. It is exactly as perfect and unremarkable as the other side and the bottom.

I have been struggling with my memories for years as to whether there was a single tiny light, blue or red atop the opening in the back. I add this item, but I am not sure. Inside the opening it is absolutely pitch black.

The cylinder was in the order of 1200 feet long. I did not know this at the time. When I saw the cylinder completely, it was "crossing" Stratford Road, and the back of it was at Buckinham Road. The distance between these streets on Caton Avenue according to street maps is about 1200 feet.

I rejoined my mother in the original field, and we watched this thing float over the Prospect Park police station, heading west until it faded from sight about half a mile west of the Parade Ground. No newspaper, radio, or TV station mentioned it. For that matter, we didn't even tell my father!

As I first accessed the Internet, I ran a search for "cylinder UFO," and plenty of links came up. Even pictures! I wasn't too surprised, because I know damn well what I saw was real, and other people must have seen something as well.

I told some close friends. They gave me the jaundiced eye. I could hardly blame them. I guess its just one of those things one must see to believe.

Thank you to the witness for the excellent and interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


Update: June 22nd 2013 sent to UFOINFO:

It's almost 48 years ago that we (mother still living) saw this UFO. I had a bit of stage fright when I wrote the account and subsequent update, but now I would like to add a few items after patrolling my memory over and over.

I had a moment of fear when I saw the open back end of the craft - it was pitch black, as opposed to the near blackness of the grey outside.

There WAS a steady red light atop the arched or squared opening. I remember now thinking back then that it couldn't be from outer space because of the red light. Mind you, I was ten. I thought about the obelisk-like tower in Jones Beach that had blinking red lights at the top, and small planes that had them as well as other tall landmarks so as to avoid crashing into them at night.

Why would a space ship have a warning light? I must have suppressed the thought, but years later it came back the more I thought about the incident. Come to think of it, a light at the very end of such a cylinder wouldn't help much for the 1200 + feet in front of it...

When the cylinder faded from view as it passed over the haze of light from the Prospect Expressway to Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and traveling towards Greenwood Cemetery, I remember being disappointed! I remember now thinking that the chance to see a UFO was one in a million, and all I got to see was this big nothing tube, instead of a flying saucer!

Now I think differently. I came to appreciate the sheer mass of the cylinder, and as it appeared to be one piece, imagine the shipyard that could produce it?

I felt that it was important to report the sighting, but it was more for trying to reach out to others who have seen such a craft. I mean, seriously, something this big floats silently over Brooklyn at night? I would not believe it.


Brian Vike, The Vike Factor (Into The Paranormal)
Website: http://the-v-factor-paranormal.blogspot.com

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for passing the original report on.]

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