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UFO Sighting Report - USA

August 1965 : Dallas, Texas

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Dallas, TX, August 1965

Date: August 1965, 11 PM - 12 AM, Oak Cliff (Downtown area), Sylvan Ave. & Pollard St.

Approach Direction: From the south to the north

Departure Direction: Sharp shot to the west.

Witness Direction: I was under it looking up.

Description: I heard sirens, saw our driveway bright w/light, looked out and up. I saw the huge disk shape slowly move from south to north. A rotating subdivision was attached below the disk. Window shaped areas were visible. Mom called the fire dept., they came and saw it a distance. I drew a picture and gave it to the fireman. Witnesses: My mom, brother, sister, 2 neighbors and 4-5 firemen.

Color/Shape: Huge, metallic, and round. Rotating subdivision attached below he disk with window-like spaces that were bright with light.

Height & Speed: Height: 4-5 stories
   Speed: 5-10 mph (slow)
   Depart: super fast/un-describable

TV/Radio/Press: Dallas Fire Department (Station on West Commerce Street) answered the call that August night in 1965.