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UFO Sighting Report - USA

Summer 1965/1967 : Weequahic Park, Newark New Jersey

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Newark NJ in Weequahic Park.

Date: Summer of 1965-1967. Not sure of date. My best friend Kevin and I were about 12 to 14 years old. EST.

Approach Direction: East to West.

Departure Direction: Was still there when we left out of fear!

Witness Direction: East

Description: As I stated, my best friend Kevin and I used to ride our bikes to Weequahic Park and fish in the pond there in the summer until nearly dark. That particular day, while fishing, it was nearly dark. Facing east in the park towards the pond, the Newark Airport is behind the park. We always saw planes take off and land all our lives there. Grew up seeing that. This day, I noticed a light coming our way from the airport. Of course I figured it was a plane. But it stopped short of the park and just hovered there. That is when we noticed the light had smaller lights going around the base of it! They were changing colors. We had no clue what it was and kept asking each other what was it! Then the thing moved closer. It was over the pond! That is when we decided it was time to go home and jumped on our bikes and took off! We talked about it the next day and decided it was just something new from the airport and never spoke of it again! Not until recently did it dawn on me that the damn thing never made a sound!

Color/Shape: As I said, we were young and figured it was just something new from the airport. It was just a round light when we first saw it. Thought it was the headlight of a plane taking off. Then when it stopped over the pond, it was sauser shaped with lights going around the outside bottom of it! They were changing colors. There was no sound whatsoever! But that never dawned on us at that time.

Height & Speed: It was fairly low. About 100 to 200 feet in the air. We thought it was an airplane that just took off from the airport behind the park. When it stopped and hovered, it was still near the airport. When it ended up where we were fishing in the pond, it seemed to just be there all of a sudden! Looked down at the water and back up at and it was there! Just like that! That is what really spooked us! It was still hovering there over the pond when we took off on our bikes. It was dusk. When we got back home, it was dark out! About a half hour bike ride. It was summer so it had to be between 8:30 PM and 9:00 PM when we left.

TV/Radio/Press: We never told anyone else about it. At least I didn't. We talked about it the next day, then just forgot about it. Figured it had to be a new type airplane or something from the Newark Airport!