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UFO Sighting Report - USA

June/July 1966 : Between Claysville and Sunset Park, Pennsylvania

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Between Claysville and Sunset Park, SW PA

Date: June - July 1966

Time: about 9:30 10 PM

Number of witnesses: two

Number of objects: one

Shape of objects: Round, larger dome on top and smaller on bottom, flat sides tapering inwards from top to bottom.

Weather Conditions: clear, bright night, very few nimbo stratus, Milky Way very visible.

Description: During the summer of 1966 I was home on leave from the Air Force when my girlfriend and I witnessed a saucer shaped object slowly pass very close over the field we were parking in. It was a warm, beautifully clear night with only a trace of high, thin nimbo stratus in the sky which allowed a beautiful display of the milky way. The only two exceptions were a bare-bulb streetlight in the parking lot of on old-time motel, the kind with small, individual cabins and the window lights of a farmhouse on the ridge at our front about 400 hundred yards away. The light and motel were located across the valley, on the horizon slightly above us, about 500 yards away. Route 40 runs along the top of the ridge just there, rising out of the valley after passing Sunset Park with its swimming pool beside the highway. We had traveled down a dirt, one lane sunken road to this patch of locust trees that protruded out into a gently sloping alfalfa field. It was a perfect parking place as the owners house was visible and if he detected our intrusion we could see his car coming and either could escape then or if surprised had a 50-50 chance he would go the wrong way after exiting the woods into the field. There was another field, uphill and across the dirt road on our right, with a single dead oak tree right in the middle of it on the horizon about 150 - 200 yards away.

Unfortunately, things turned out badly and we were arguing so I had turned away and was looking out the open left hand window at the old oak tree with my arm holding up the roof. I was very sad but the crickets, night sounds and bright stars were very calming. Just when I was about to turn back to my girlfriend and apologize an object came over the horizon heading our way. I saw it in silhouette as it appeared to clear the dead tree by about 20 feet or so. It was dome shaped top and bottom, with the upper dome being larger than the bottom, rather like a flattened top. All the edges were rounded with the sides flattened and sloping inwards toward the bottom. It was the color of a dim fluorescent bulb and not transparent as the stars disappeared in front and reappeared cleanly behind as it passed. It came across our front about 100-150 feet high and about the same distance away doing about 30 MPH or so. It was obviously circular shaped from ¾ bottom view. It was in full view for about 30 seconds or so. I had to lean forward to see it through the windshield as it crossed our front. I yelled at my friend to look and went into the glove compartment to see if I had a flashlight, which I did not. I wanted to shine a light on it to see if it was reflective. It seemed to be traveling in level flight and in a straight line from first sight until it disappeared over the brow of the hill just to the right of the motel on the ridge.

I turned to my hurt and angry friend and asked her what she saw and she replied "so what" which startled me even more. It had made absolutely no sound what so ever as it passed over and the night sounds did not stop as it passed. If I had been turned away I would not have been aware it had passed by. It seemed only half as bright as the brightest stars and appeared to have a frosted or flat, non reflective glowing finish. I have built models and watched the sky for airplanes since I was a toddler and can assure you this thing had no wings or rotors. There were no panel lines or markings, no windows or waving aliens, no gear doors or mud streaks, just a machine doing what I have never seen a machine doing before. The most startling thing to me was the total and absolute lack of any wind sound. You simply cannot move and object like that through the air without creating wind noise. Even my streamlined sailplane models make an audible sound as the pass by. I didn't have the presence of mind to check my watch, mark the date on the calendar, or know yet that I should have tried the radio or to start the car before it was out of sight.

Years later, (when I was still able to pin-point the actual date and time), I was able to relate this event to some individuals in our organization who were involved with unexplained phenomena of this sort. These people were tasked with the chore of debriefing personnel who experienced and had reported "co-incidental sightings", (those observed on the scope and also by actual observation). N and V would then travel to their station and demonstrate, using mathematics and physics, that what they thought they saw was not anything out of the ordinary, but explainable phenomena. Failing that they would explain the ramifications of someone seeing impossible things and therefore appearing "unreliable" while holding a sensitive position. In my case, after checking the usual conditions, (weather, lights, grand openings, locations of airports, towns, etc), they determined that it would have been classified as an "unknown" if I cared to report it. Reporting such things at that time was considered a career ender with anyone with a security clearance so we kept it in-house.