Fall 1967 or 1968

Mr. Vike,

I wish to pass on this information, it has become part of my local lore. For some reason, I have come into contact with many people who are witness to unusual craft and events. I myself while vacationing in Minnesota in 1978, saw a high altitude light moving at a high rate of speed and making a sharp direction change, however I have never seen anything close enough to make out a structure.

Historic UFO reports:

Littleton, Massachusetts

Date: Fall of 1967 or '68

In the fall of 1967 or '68, in Littleton, Massachusetts, A UFO was witnessed by two adults, and five or six children. The object they saw was viewed by the entire group, with and without the aid of binoculars. This story was told to me by one of the children who was a witness to the strange light in the sky. Her story goes like this:

To the best of her memory, the sighting occurred on a fall evening at dusk, in '68 or '67. She was fourteen or fifteen years of age at that time. She and her brother were playing outside with neighborhood friends when they all noticed an illuminated object to the N.E. of their position on the street, in the direction of Littleton center.

The lit object was hovering low on the horizon, over a large field above tree height. It could have been as close as one hundred yards or a mile away. It was difficult to determine how close or how large the object was. To get an idea of the size of this object, I asked her to hold out her arm and put up her thumb. I asked her if her thumb would have covered the object and she said no. She seems to think it was at least the size of a half-dollar at arms length. She said that the object was the shape of a football, not quite a disk, but not a circle either. The object appeared to get larger and then smaller, or that maybe it just got closer and then moved further away. It made no sound, but it was giving off a bright yellowish/orange glow.

Her brother had time to run home and get their mother and their binoculars, while one of the other children's mother was summoned as well. Both adults and the five or six children took turns viewing this object, which is reported to have moved back and forth, and/or changed size. The interesting detail of this craft is that it appeared to have cells of square windows with rounded corners, recessed or set into the object, like a honeycomb. The cells or windows covered the visible side of the UFO.

The entire sighting lasted approximately fifteen to twenty minutes. Her mother went home and called the radio personality, Mr. Carl DeSouze, of WBZ radio, an AM station in Massachusetts, and reported her sighting. Mr. DeSouze had an interest in U.F.O. sightings and would take call-ins and report them on air. She reported that her mother said that Mr. DeSouze had received other calls concerning a similar object.

She related more stories concerning UFOs:

In the early '60s there lived several USAF families living near her home in Littleton, Massachusetts. One of her neighbors was Col. Poland, a fighter pilot. Col. Poland and two other fighter pilots were flying over Massachusetts out of Hanscom airbase in Bedford, Massachusetts, sometime between 1960 and 1963. A cigar-shaped U.F.O. escorted them at their altitude and speed before vanishing off at a high rate of speed. The pilots talked about it over their communication link.

Upon landing they were told that what they saw was just swamp gas or some such lame cover story and told never to discuss it with anyone or they would be punished. Well, Col Poland decided not to keep quiet and told his family, her and the neighbors.

Thank you to the gentleman for relating these stories for us all to enjoy.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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