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UFO Sighting Report - USA

September 1968 : Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Upper Yoder Township. Cambria County

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Johnstown, Pa. Upper Yoder Township. Cambria County

Date: September 1968 on a Saturday during NBC's game of the week with the Detroit Tigers playing at home. That means it would have been the Sept. 7 game, hosting the Minnesota Twins, or the Sept. 14 game, hosting the Oakland Athletics.

Time: About 3 p.m.

Number of witnesses: Two

Number of objects: One

Shape of objects: The single object had a fluorescent-green circular or spherical shape in the front and a fluorescent-yellow equilateral triangle on the back. The triangle was connected to the circle/sphere at a single point of the triangle.

The triangle's back was perpendicular to the ground and was the same size as the width of the circle/sphere.

Weather Conditions: Clear, blue skies

Description: My dad and I were home, watching a Saturday afternoon baseball game of the week on NBC. The Detroit Tigers were playing.

We heard a sudden- but not instant-onset whooshing sound that quickly became pervasive, that penetrated every nook of the living room. The sound was so odd, so unlike anything we had ever heard, that we immediately and reflexively stood up and ran onto the porch within seconds.

We instinctively looked toward the direction, the northwest, from which the sound was coming. Our house at 268 Capital Avenue faces the north.

When we looked up, the object was heading east and was a third of the way across the sky. Its arc was about halfway between the point directly above us and the northern horizon. For five to seven seconds the object headed on a steady line from west to east at a steady speed and beyond the eastern horizon as the sound gradually lowered and ended.

Dad and I, astonished, looked at each other and made comments of, essentially, "What the hell was that?!"

I would estimate that it was about a half-mile from our eyes to the object, which I estimate was the size of an average-size two-story house.

My dad is now 83 and in failing health. About a year ago, I asked him if he remembered what we had seen. He did not remember the UFO sighting. I am 51 now. My mother, now 75, who was not home during the sighting but returned in time to make supper, also has no recollection of coming home and hearing us talk about seeing a UFO.

TV/Radio: The only Johnstown TV station, WJAC TV, Channel 6 (NBC), reported on its evening news program that it had received numerous calls about a UFO.

I think the brief report mentioned a theory, attributed to a government source, that it might have been caused by swamp gas, despite the fact it was a clear late-summer day. My recollection is that the report did not take seriously the most startling thing I ever would see. I don't remember the Johnstown-Tribune Democrat daily newspaper carrying a story.