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UFO Sighting Report - USA

Summer 1968 : Escondio, California

Escondio, California Multiple UFOs And Power Outage

Date: Summer 68
Time: Evening.

Location of Sighting: Escondio, CA.
Number of witnesses: 4
Number of objects: 8
Shape of objects: 7 = X-shaped & 1 large disk?

Full Description of event/sighting: First one 1968 and second one 1969. Early evening, myself and 3 friends all about 18 years old were at Felicitates Park, on the south side of Escondido. We were sitting on rocks watching clouds, talking etc. It was still sunny, but there were some large cloud formations. As we were observing one that looked like a upside down hanged man, there was a huge explosion. The whole sky turned pink especially the clouds, as we were wondering what the heck. We saw these things buzzing in and out of the clouds.

It must of been around 8:30 by then when it had finally darkened, and we could see these little things better. There were 3 pairs of them that flew in this perfect synchronized pattern, which was hard to believe as their flight pattern was similar to a drawing done by 3 year old who has eaten to much sugar, and is scribbling with a pencil. Then they would stop, dead still. There was always one man (ship) out, that ship would fly into one of the pairs, they would all change partners and continue their 'dance'. My thoughts were that they looked like Spoolies (a rubber curler for women's hair in the 50's). They were X shaped. They had something that could not be seen as it moved to fast. It could of been blades, but they were on the top and the bottom of the X and when they moved it looked like this:


The movements were to fast to make out and were red. So fast all we could see was the line of movement. We remembered this as a long happening, (possible missing time) Sometime through this I saw a large very bright light, but twice the size of Venus. It made a warp type move, turning colors as it disappeared. We continued watching and sometime latter, it did the opposite and when it came back all the lights in the area went out? One of the guys had a glow in the dark watch, it was 9:00 pm. They (the 7) did a few more moves, then they all went into the light and it warped out again.

The next day and for the next 2 weeks I kept track of the Escondido paper and there was a blurb, something like "plane explodes over Mira Mar, more later. Well it was not anywhere near Mira Mar or at least it did not look like it, it looked more to be over S. Rancho Bernardo or Poway. This was the first of 2 sightings I had in this area. The second being a golden disk on the ground, this sighting also was with 3 other people. One woman who was with me both times. Again the observation was for a prolonged time.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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