Dracut, Massachusetts

Summer 1968/1969

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Dracut, Massachusetts USA

I had described this manifestation to the local UFO Amatuer Radio Network on 3978khz approx 3 years ago.

I think I reported it to a Mike.

Date: Summer 1968 or Summer 1969 Time: 8-9pm EST

Approach Direction: From out of a wooded area to the South

Departure Direction: Straight up

Witness Direction: South

Description: As a teen back then, I was spending a weekend at a cousin's house. Not including myself, there were at least half a dozen other young teens and at least 4 adults present as well.

I thought that I was going to leave an impression with some of the local neighborhood kids after hopefully giving them a peek through my cheapo department store telescope with a view of Jupiter or Saturn.
That never happened.

Well, our attention was directed to the woods to the south by one of the then "kids" who screamed out "Look!"
Hovering seemingly over the treeline as though it just rose out of the woods approximately 500 yards away to the South, we, ALL awestruck and frightened witnessed a large luminous distinctly egg shaped object just floating there over the treeline.

It was wobbling. The "point" of the egg shaped object was pointing east and the "fat" part was to the west.

It continued to wobble for about a minute as I can recall.
Now for the good part!
We all made out some markings that were on the silent craft.

Color/Shape: The craft was luminous white,and distinctly egg shaped. If you were to hold out your hand at arms length, you would have an idea of it's size.

Now for the marking:

(Please read slowly and try and visualize the description or draw it)
I wish I could send in a hand drawing jpeg.
On the large end of the egg apparition, placed almost at the far right top corner of it was: 1) a black arrow pointing up.2)directly over the point of the arrow was in inverted arch or frown.3)Under the arrow was a straight horizontal line.
So in essence it was an arrow almost sitting atop a horizontal line pointing to the center of an inverted arch.

Height & Speed: I can recall it to have been at least a few hundred feet suspended in the air over the treeline to the South.

After hovering as I described for a minute or so, it changed it's hovering position as it continued to wobble until finally pointing straight up 90 degrees and it stopped wobbling.

Then we all were getting rushes or goosebumps, as it shot directly up into the night sky. As it gained altitude, we saw it disappear and reappear, silently three maybe four times as it climbed and was finally gone!

It's ascent into the sky lasted only 3 or four seconds!

No one wanted to see this!!!!

TV/Radio/Press: As I told the Ham Radio Net, I don't have any dea if this was reported to the local authorites. I have no clue whether or not this eventually made the local papers back then in 1968 or 1969. If only one of us had a 35mm camera without a flash back then, what a photo opportunity. We were a bunch of "dumb kids" in the company of a few frightened parents who didn't know what to say back then.


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