Canyon Lake, Texas

Summer 1968 - 1970

Canyon Lake, Texas Unusual Sighting - Three Red Lights Hovering Over The Water

Date: Approx: 1968-70 Summer
Time: Sundown

HBCC UFO Research Note: Along with the witness for this sighting, I am also curious to know if anyone else out there may have seen something very similar to this sighting, if so I would certainly like to hear from you over what it was you saw.

Location of Sighting: South shore of Canyon Lake in Texas.
Number of witnesses: 5-6
Number of objects: 3
Shape of objects: 3 red lights at tips of invisible triangle shaped platform.

Full Description of event/sighting: Background Info: This happened some time ago, but have heard you on the Jeff Rense show and just found your website and thought I would add this to the list and see if anyone else has seen anything like it.

We were at a picnic area and had just finished eating after an afternoon on the south shore of Canyon Lake. My family and another couple that are friends and co-workers with my parents were there and we all live in San Antonio, TX about 40 miles south of this large man-made lake.


I was about high school age (approx. 16-17) and noticed some red lights in the sky over toward the north side of the lake heading west. My parents and the other couple were talking and it had just come dark in the sky so we were about to pack up and leave since there wasn't much light out in this small park area with a few picnic tables.

I kept watching these red lights that started to head directly toward us at a slow rate, like slow helicopters about 500-1000 feet in the sky. Or a height that might be reasonable for a helicopter passing over the lake. The red lights were steady not strobing or changing in brightness and looked like lights on top of tall building or towers to warn aircraft. Nothing very suspicious or exciting.

However, when the lights got about closer I could see that there were 3 red lights in an equal lateral triangle and seemed to be about the size of a jet fighter in size, but they were going very slow and I think hovered out over the water while we were going to our cars to leave. The big thing was that there was no noise at all, and I would think you would hear something even from the most quieted helicopter. It was dark enough that I could not see anything except the three red lights moving together like attached to a platform or the tips of delta wings.

I finally mentioned these lights to my parents and the other couple and they just thought it was helicopters and then I mentioned that there is no engine or rotor noise. They agreed that was odd, but no one else thought it was a big deal. I have considered it a UFO sighting, but probably some secret Air Force technology they were playing with. However, I have always wondered what it was and never heard of anything like it to this day.

My memory is not 100% about the number of these things. I seem to remember separate 3 groups of 3 lights flying very slowly in loose formation, but it could have just been one group with slightly more lights. I did not really believe in UFOs as extraterrestrial objects, but more as unidentified man-made object. If you look at how advanced the Germans and Italians were by the end of WWII, it is conceivable that very advanced flying objects and defensive systems. However, after seeing the UFOs on the NASA videos, I have become more open to the possibility.


Although I was very interested in the three red light/triangle UFOs for a while, one reason I let it fade from memory was that both my parents and the other couple we were with worked for the National Security Agency at a local Air Force base and assumed they either knew what it was or didn't think it was anything extraordinary.

It didn't seem too impressive for a UFO sighting, but it still seems weird that there was no noise at all, no other people around, and the crafts came toward us and moved so slowly that they could not fly like a plane or they would have stalled and fallen out of the sky. My only other guess some kind of blimps or balloons, but you could not see anything but the normal looking red lights forming an equal triangle like they were on a frame and no strobe light that is usually required at night.

It seems like the lead middle group of lights came up very near or over us while we were leaving and the other two stayed back almost hovering over the lake further behind. If there was some normal noise at all, I would have accepted them as helicopters out on some kind of training mission, but there was no noise at all from them and I became worried about their intentions.

Thank you to the witness for their report. A very interesting sighting at that.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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