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UFO Sighting Report - United Kingdom

September 1969 : Long Island, New York

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Exiting off the Long Island Expressway on to the Cross Island Expressway heading south -- near Douglaston -- where Queens borders on Nassau County (this is Long Island, New York, USA)

Date: September 1969, one of the Friday evenings that month

Time: Dusk

Number of witnesses: 2 in my car, 100s of people in the distance

Number of objects: One

Shape of objects: Disk shape

Weather Conditions: Clear

Description: This was not a distance light in the sky, this was an object of great size suspended over a busy suburban highway during rush hour that was creating a huge traffic jam.

Specifically, traffic on the Long Island Expressway was unusually backed up even for a Friday evening rush hour; I reached my exit for the Cross Island Expressway to head south; I climbed the slight incline up the exit ramp and noticed it was dark and the light poles were out on and around the exit ramp; from our slightly elevated position my passenger and I looked back over our left shoulders up the expressway about a quarter mile to see how far the traffic was stopped; we saw a disk-shaped object hovering over the expressway about 50 feet above the ground; the traffic was stopped in both directions and some people were out of their cars; the object was long enough to extend over about eight lanes of traffic plus two service roads); the object had red and green lights on it; what looked like window ports on the side had a glow coming from the interior; it appeared to be slowly spinning since you could see the ports moving laterally around the side and then reappearing; my passenger and I said nothing but we both immediately got that nauseating knot in the stomach one gets when you are scared.

TV/Radio: I got home and called the Douglaston, Queens police who said there were no reports; checked the newspaper the next day and saw nothing.

I found the lack of reports very strange since this was witnessed by 100s of people who were stopped on the expressway.

I know this incident occurred a long time ago, but I just caught Close Encounters on TV last night and found myself talking and thinking alot about the experience. If any one else saw this, drop me a line.