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UFO Sighting Report - USA

1969/1970 : Between Avenel and Colonia and Rahway, New Jersey

UFOINFO E-mail Sighting Report

(Reference: Interstate 87 (near) Plattsburgh, New York 1969-1970)

I was looking at your site and came across the above referenced report. I believe that I may have seen the same UFO around the same time frame. Over New Jersey between Avenel and Colonia and Rahway (about 40 minutes by car to NYC).

There were several other witnesses besides my friend and I because we knocked on everyone's door and got them to come outside and see this thing. It was huge, about the size of a foot ball field is exactly how I have been describing it all these years. It was close enough that if you had a good arm, you could have hit it with a rock. From the side of it, it appeared to be oblong and cigar shaped, however, we saw more than just from the side of it. It hovered over the street where we were standing and it made no noise, created no wind, and generated no heat.

It was a dull silver color or slate gray metal, with no marking or writing on it or anything that remotely looked like doors or entrances. Around the perimeter, there were square lighted blocks that looked like light shining through a shade, but there was something that was revolving around inside of it that as it passed each square it blocked that square's light. It started to flip back over front, it raised itself up and down and than rolled from side over side. As it did this, you could see that the shape of it was more like a diamond long from front to back but squat from side to side with rounded corners at the points. What it was doing was as if whomever was aware that we were watching and it was giving us something to watch.

One of the people that we pulled out on to the street that night (Approx. 11:00 p.m.) ran back into his house to get his camera, however, before he came out, this thing start to rise up and slowly move forward and away from us. As it did, it would progressively get higher in the night sky where it was then flanked at each side and underneath it by three individual and separate red round lights and in a second after they appeared, it was gone. I don't know how long we watched it but it had to be more than 10 to 15 minutes because we went from one house to the next knocking on doors while it hovered above.

We did not call anyone then or report anything at the time but curiously, after this thing disappeared into the night sky (heading toward the north where New York would be from that point), we continued on our trek back to our town and about a mile from the sight point, as we crossed the train track bridge, we spotted US Army helicopters that were flying over the Park and shining light down at the ground from side to side, it flew over us and continued to do the same all along the golf course that was to the other side of the bridge. We were about to head on when from our right, a low flying US Airforce search plane flew low overhead and continued to fly in a wide circle pattern over the area where we had just seen this UFO only minutes before. It continued to fly in this wide circle for approximately 30 minutes and then left the area.

I did search the papers to see if anyone had reported it, but there was no mention that anyone called it in. I would have to think someone did, perhaps the man that ran into get his camera, or else this UFO was picked up on radar. There was never any mention of it, but I surely will never forget it. It was that close, it was that huge, as stated like a foot ball field in size.

Since that time and through the years, I have seen lights in the sky (as recently as just 4 months ago) that I thought were stars that would suddenly start moving slowly across the sky and suddenly make abrupt direction changes, but this was not a light in the sky, it was not miles from us or at any great distance, it was that close. Once you see something like that, it is very next to impossible not to remember it. I was 17 years old at the time, I am 54 years old today. I am just glad to read that possibly we were not the only people who saw it.