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UFO Sighting Report - USA

Fall/Winter 1970/1971 : Norfolk, Virginia

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Near Sherwood Elementry School in Norfolk, VA USA

Date: 1970-1971

Time: Some time after 2:30 AM

Number of witnesses: Two

Number of objects: 1 plus 5 or 6

Shape of objects: Round lights

Weather Conditions: Clear, with no clouds or rain

Description: I was somewhere between 7 and 8 years old and was staying with family a friend and her kids at the time. I would say it was sometime in fall/winter time as I had to give up the comfort of my bed (her son, my younger brother and I stayed in the same room) because I had caught strept throat and was relegated to sleeping on the couch for several nights as to not get anyone else sick.

I was awakened by the family friend's son (he was about 14) he could not sleep and had snuck into the living room to "hang-out" as he did most nights while I was ill. I had asked him what time it was when he first woke me and I vaguely remember him saying it was after 2:30 not quite 3:00. We sat and talked quietly, as we did not wish to wake his mother up and get in trouble, for quite some time. He was sitting at my feet which put him in front of the window facing the front yard. The hissing and howling of some cats fighting right outside caught our attention and he looked outside. He was trying to spot the cats in the dark yard for a few minutes when he all of a sudden said "come look at this". I looked out towards the ground and was trying to see the cats, when he directed my attention skyward.

There was a very large Magnolia tree out in front of this house (it looked jet black at night) but towards the top of the tree a little to the left was a small light. It appeared to be white, and the best way I could describe it's movement is as if someone was way up in the sky a good distance off, with a flashlight, and was swirling the flashlight in various patterns (circles, swirls, figure 8's and such). We watched this for probably close to an hour trying to figure out what it could be. This thing would do this little aerial exhibition all the while changing speeds and changing the tightness of it's loops and swirls every so often.

At the end of the time that we were able to view this item, it suddenly stopped and sat perfectly still for a few moments. Then to our amazement it began to move to the right towards the tree. But when it began moving this time, several other lights (5 or 6 as I recall) began moving in unison with it. We had seen these other lights but they were slightly smaller and we had just assumed they were stars further off in space, as they had never moved til this point. These "lights" moved slowly behind the tree and out of our view. The light had no specific pattern to them as they traveled, as I recall. But the others were definately situated around the one that had been moving so much just moments before. We kept watching, hoping to see them again.

When they finally emerged from behind the tree they were slightly higher up in the sky and they looked further away, and as the sky was slightly lighter now, they were a bit dimmer as well. The lights that surrounded the first now looked as if they had changed position somewhat, but still had no definate pattern as far as we could tell. They continued away from us (in a 2:00 direction) and seemed to be speeding up.

TV/Radio: I do not know as I was a kid and did not think of checking the media.