Early 1970s

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: matt

Location: hartsville, sc, usa

Date: do not remember

Approach Direction: from south

Departure Direction: towards east

Witness Direction: west

Description: this took place sometime in the early 70's. my brother and i both witnessed it. a flying object come flying slowly up the street from the south and seemed to have mechanical problems. it was a round, glowing object with a red blinking light on top. i would guess maybe 10 ft around. it wobbled a few times and hit a pine tree across the street, knocking out the top 6 feet or so of the tree.. the object then straightened out, and flew off over the top of our house at mega-fast speed. the next day i told the neighbor what i saw, when he was wondering what happened to the tree. they all laughed at my brother and i, and said it was lightning, even though it was a clear, and very cold night in january, right after Christmas. i would love to know any info on this, if any exists.

Color/Shape: round,pale white light glow,blinking re light on top.

Height & Speed: height: maybe 30ft.. approach: 2-3 mph.. depart..Very fast, in a split second.


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