Late 1970s

Dallas, Texas Daytime Sighting Of A Metal Triangular Shaped Craft

Date: Later 1970's
Time: Daytime sighting.

Basically, in the later 70's, my Mom and I were driving east on Southwestern Blvd in Dallas, Texas and I saw in the sky the UFO. It was triangular in shape. It wasn't super high in the sky because I remember I could see what looked like the bottom of the structure very clearly. There were lights in primary colors, many of them, all around the structure. If it weren't for the lights, I probably would not have seen it. And that raises a question for me ... if this was from another space system, and they didn't want to be seen, then why would they be so obvious? Not just my sighting, but so many sightings are just that, very bright and sometimes colorful in nature.

As I stared at the object, I told my Mother to look up and asked her what it was! I remember being so excited, not happy-excited but in awe-excited. It took her a few seconds to look up since she was driving. In the meantime, the structure darted to my right lightening-fast! It was so fast it almost looked like it disappeared and popped up in another spot, but it didn't disappear. I could see it move. I now am looking out my window (passenger side) and said "there it is! Did you see that?!" Mom said she couldn't see anything and didn't try to look again.

Mom was a devout Christian, as I am. But there was no room for anything that is not mentioned in the Bible. After seeing this thing, I'm more open-minded about it, still maintaining my love for my faith.

The structure starting dashing back and forth, up and down, and crossways in instantaneous movements all the while maintaining the use of those brilliant colored lights. I can't remember if they were blinking lights. I don't think they were. I believe the blinking I remember is from the pseudo-disappearing/reappearing thing it was doing.

Then, as quickly as it appeared, it zoomed off so fast it looked like it vanished into thin air.

Isn't that amazing? This happened what, 30 years ago? And it is probably my most vivid memory. To this day, I think of it constantly.

It was definitely during daylight. I'm glad it was because I was able to see the shape of the object (I'll start saying "craft" now because it's more specific ... and I just like saying it too!) instead of the lights making the shape. I remember that is wasn't just the lights that I saw, I saw actual metal. Does that make sense? Hope so.

Thank you to the witness for their report

[Also see report for August 1978 : Dallas, Texas]

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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