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UFO Sighting Report - USA

Late 1970s : Carswell AFB, Ft Worth, Texas

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Ft Worth Texas/Carswell AFB

Date: Do not recall I assume it was late 70's. It was dark outside at the time.

Approach Direction: unknown

Departure Direction: unknown

Witness Direction: unknown

Description: I must've been between 7 and 9 yrs of age. I'm now 34. I saw a silohuette outlined by amber/red lights. My father was assigned to Carswell AFB at the time. It looked like a sombrero (No I'm not joking!) All I could see was an outline. The lights were in the shape of a large vertical cylinder and it was joined to a circular base somewhat like a hockey puck hence my sombrero analogy. The craft was low in the sky and slowly drifted to the southwest I beleive (Using Hwy 183 as a reference and the location of military housing in relation north of that road.) The craft did make a noise like nothing I've ever heard before. The closest thing I can describe is the "chopping" noise a helicopter makes as it flies near by only the rate of the sound was much slower and the duration longer...Definately not a helicopter.

Color/Shape: All I saw was red/amber lights the arrangements of the lights made me think of a sombrero. I do recall two F4 jet aircraft taking off from Carswell AFB shortly after the craft disappeared from my sight.

Height & Speed: Est Height I would guess less than 3000 ft. The speed of approach/departure appeared constant. It was slow in comparison with military jet aircraft of the time.

TV/Radio/Press: don't recall I've done a little research and found nothing. Wasn't much of a media buff at that age.