Mid to late 70s

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Southwestern Blvd between Boedecker and North Central Expressway, University Park, Dallas, Texas, USA

Date: Mid to late 70's, afternoon.

Approach Direction: In the south sky.

Departure Direction: South.

Witness Direction: East to southeast.

Description: I've tried so hard to remember what year this was. My Mother and I were traveling east on Southwestern Blvd. I was in the passenger seat and looking in the mirror on my visor. I closed the visor so I was looking directly upward to the sky and I immediately saw this triangular shaped object hovering probably 100 feet in the air above us. It had brilliant lights all around the object in primary colors. I said to my Mother "Mom, do you see that? What is it?" She looked up briefly and didn't see it. As soon as she looked up, it traveled to my right so that I had to switch viewing from the windshield to the passenger window. It moved at an incredible speed, almost instantaneously. So, when Mom looked up where I was pointing it moved away. I guess she figured I was playing around and she didn't give more effort to find it. Then, it popped to where it was before and starting making these lightening-fast moves, all the while maintaining those beautiful lights all around it. Then, it shot straight out of sight.

This has haunted me all these years. I never reported it but I've never forgotten about it. It will always be with me. I was a teenager at the time and I'm grateful that I remember it so vividly. I would love to see it again.

Color/Shape: Primary colors, triangular in shape

Height & Speed: Speeds? You're kidding, right?!


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