UFO Sighting Report - United States

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Los Banos, California


UFOINFO Online Sighting Report

Location: Los Banos, California

Date: 1971

Time: Midnight-1

Number of witnesses: One

Number of objects: One

Shape of objects: Round

Could your sighting be a UFO balloon/lantern?: No

Weather Conditions: Fairly warm night

Description: I was leaving my house to go across the street to see a neighbor girlfriend as she was divorced with 5 children. It was pitch dark out, and I had to sort of scuff my feet to get across the street to the sidewalk. As I got to her house on the very corner of my street and hers, I thought a big bird on flown near me. It was a UFO, which came right down over top of me. It stood still for it seemed like minutes and a light came down from it, and I could see everything around me. I could not see hardly anything before that.

My girl friend saw a lot of light through her windows, and came out to see what I was looking at. She witnessed what I saw. It finally started to teeter, and turned slowly up on its side and went above her house and stayed there for awhile. The all of a sudden it took off so fast until we could not see it anymore. We went into the house and called the Air Force nearest of Los Banos. They arrived and tape recorded all that I saw. There were 5 unmarked cars that came. It is on their records.

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