Cannon Air Force Base in 1972 UFO Activity

I was stationed at Cannon Air Force Base in 1972 assigned to the 27th Tactical Fighter Squadron.Home to the F-111 fighter. During a routine maintence night I was completing some write ups on a F-111 so it would be airworthy the next morning. As I waited for an airpac compressor to arrive I got into the cockpit to watch a ECM (Electronic Counter Measure) technician make some adjustments on one of the radar units. He had what I recall the ground imaging radar on and I could see on the screen the area out ahead of the ramp including the horizon and even the trucks going down the highway. I never saw anything like that and at the time probably shouldn't have as much of the electronics on board was considered access on a need to know.

While watching the screen as the tech was making some adjustments I could see some bright globes on the screen. I could also see the vehicles going down the highway at the same time. I asked the airman sitting in the seat next to me what I was seeing and he said "spooks". I asked is what I'm seeing an anomaly of the radar? Is it broken? He said no,what we are seeing is UFO activity. He said sometimes he sees things like that when he runs the system. The objects were about 5 miles away and just hanging in the air just above the horizon. They appeared round in shape and there were maybe 5 or six spread out at the same altitude. The whole scenario was odd, I was very interested in seeing the radar work but taken completely by surprise with what I saw on the screen. He told me to keep my mouth shut as we both would end up at Thule...Thule, Greenland if spoke of it. That's all I can say, I never had another chance to sit in on a system test and watch the screen. I'm just amazed at how casual the technician treated the whole event.

Thank you.

Thank you to the person for this report. The military people have been incredible in their response by sending in so many reports. I would also be very interested in hearing from police officers who have been witness to a UFO or unexplained event.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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