August 1972

Name: On file

Location: Whitefish, Montana, USA

Date: August 1972 mid afternoon?

Approach_Direction: South

Departure_Direction: North

Witness_Direction: South East

Description: About 12 adults were on floats at Whitefish Lake during a family vacation. We saw an object coming towards us ,flying over the town of Whitefish, approximately 3 city blocks away from us. It looked like it was very low like an airplane taking off over our heads. It made absolutely no sound. It was flat and oval shaped.

Everyone was pointing at it, and discussing it as it flew over. It was flying so low that it was not to be ignored and we were able to make out many of the details. We knew it wasn't an airplane. One of the people even guessed it could be a large, flat missle that was shot by accident. We dismissed that idea when we saw the windows. It disappeared behind the trees to the north.

We had a radio on the beach, so the first thing we did was turn it on. Within 15 minutes, The National Defence Center in Colorado Springs came on with a bulliten saying people had observed this object earlier in Texas, and Colorado, and later in Canada. They said it was a gigantic meteorite that was part of the meteorite showers that were expected the next evening.

When they said that, we knew there was a coverup. This was not a meteorite, anymore than an automobile was a meteorite.!

Later that evening, we went to Whitefish to a restaurant, and most of the people in the restaurant had seen it too.

The next day, the Great Falls paper had photos of it on the front page.

I wish I had saved the paper, and done some research of the sitings across the states. The only plausible explanation is that it was a fleet of UFO's traveling south to north.

You have a sighting on your website from August of 1972 that may have been at the same time. I would love to talk to anyone else who saw this, and many, many must have.

Color/Shape: The object was almost flat, and oval shaped. It looked like it was made up of metal squares, with a row of windows on a raised section in the middle. It was a dull grey color.

I saw a photo of a similar ufo on a website, except this one was round. http://www.coasttocoastam.com/gen/page329.html

Height & Speed: maybe 400 feet heigh, 100mph. Those are all guesses.

TV/Radio/Press: Great Falls newspaper. Also, there was a picture of it in National Geographic in the 80's......but I don't know what issue or why.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/720800a.shtml