November 15th 1972

Name: On file

Location: monroe, washington. usa

Date: november @15th 1972

clear and no clouds 9pm no moon

Approach Direction: hovering 100 feet to the left of the road in farmers field. north, northeast

Departure Direction: 1st north, northeast. 2nd south. 3rd east

Witness Direction: north then east

Description: coming home late after working on a cabin in the foothills ne of monroe washington. came around corner in road and saw what first thought was a copter in a search mode just off road.super intence spot light was lighting farmers field. he kept a large dairy farm in operation there. i stoped the truck and watched as the craft moved away to the north northeast. the field narrowed about 400 yards away and became a steep hill covered with tall trees. the craft with light still on moved up the hill and behind the tree line.

i started moving slow and the road turned south. i folowed it's flight path for about a 1/2 mile. the craft shut it's flood light off and turned on red and green lights. at that time i stoped the truck and shut off the motor to make sure that it was a chopper. the craft was about 200 yards to my left and because of the lay of the land about the same level. not a sound and thats when i got a feeling that it was watching me. it was time to go and go fast.

i went as fast as i could go and the ship stayed with me and now was over top of my truck. i could see the lights in my mirrow and they were droping right down on top of me. just then i looked up ahead and there were power lines crossing the road. i stoped, thinking that the craft would hit the lines. with the best flying move i have ever seen it cleared the hood of my truck by a foot and landed in clear vue of my headlights on the road. in a second it turned left and ziped up the gravel road under the power lines. it never seemed to touch the ground and raised no dust.

i can't say that there was time loss. i had dreams for years about talking to three small people but i thought i went home after it left the road. i'm 56 now and it is just as clear now as it was the.also 25 year later i realized that there wasen't a propwash under the craft the first or second time of the encounter.

i carry a camera with me at all times if the chance comes up again. thank you

Color/Shape: black in color. about the size and shape of a car. 6 t0 8 feet wide and 16 feet long and 5 feet tall with rounded edges bottom was flat

Height & Speed: 1 foot off ground. speed o to 30 mph.

TV/Radio/Press Coverage: no


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/721115.shtml