Sardis Lake, 15 miles west of Oxford, Mississippi

Summer 1972

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: about 15 miles west of Oxford, MS. I was on the south edge of Sardis Lake and saw the UFOs to the east (not sure if this would have been south or north of the lake) and then directly to the north across the lake.

Date: summer of 1972, early evening soon after dark

Approach Direction: from the east

Departure Direction: did not depart, each one hovered to the north across the lake and then blinked out

Witness Direction: north

Description: I and another woman I have lost contact with were staying with a disabled automobile while the others we were with went for assistance. After it got dark we saw an orange orb appear above the tree line to the east and slowly move left across the sky until it was north of us across the lake and then it disappeared in mid-air. Over a period of about 30-45 minutes we saw a total of 13 or so orbs take the same path, sometimes several were visible in the air at the same time. At a point in time after we saw the last orb disappear in the same spot to the north, we saw a ring of the orbs illuminate for a brief time, then did not see anything again. I believe the ring of orbs was in the air, but it has been a long time ago. I remember most of what we saw as I have a friend I told about it shortly after the event and we have talked about it over the years. The next day I found a map of the area and could not see anything north of the lake--no cities, no airports.

Color/Shape: yellow/orange glowing round orbs; each one seemed to be just a large glowing light, not as bright as a star, a yellow/orange sun color

Height & Speed: We were at the south edge of Sardis lake with good visibility. I'm guessing the orbs when they disappeared were somewhere north across the lake, so that would be at least 2-3 miles away and I'm guessing a little farther away when they would first appear to the east (could have been 5-10 miles away). The lights each appeared closely above the tree line to the east and to our perspective moved slowly and smoothly on a direct path toward the left until they each blinked out above the tree line (across the lake) to our north. Each orb moved horizontally low in the sky, not too far above the tree line. I recall that each light was much larger than the pinpoints of the stars in the sky, probably appearing about 10 times larger than the pinpoint of a star. To my eyes the size of the orb did not seem to change, so perhaps the distance from the orbs to us remained about the same.

TV/Radio/Press: I never reported the event, except to friends. I left Oxford in 1973 and, while living in Baytown, Texas, that year I saw a TV show on UFOs. On the show I was astonished to see an interview with a professor from the University of Mississippi ("Ole Miss") who described seeing what was obviously the same phenomena I had seen. Recently I started doing some internet checking trying to find evidence of that report or anything similar in that area of rural NE Mississippi. I haven't found anything so far.


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