Franklin, Tennessee

October 15th 1973

Franklin, Tennessee A Cluster Of Lights Moved In Unison

Date: October 15, 1973
Time: 8:00 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 20
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Dome of many lights in the sky that outlined a top-like design.

Full Description of event/sighting: Lights from an unknown source hovered silently in the night sky over Franklin, a small rural town located approximately fourteen miles from Nashville, TN. The cluster of lights moved in unison vertically and horizontally at tree top level above small hills that lay beyond a field with several trees I estimated to be about forty feet tall. And beyond the field, near the base of the hills, was a long white wooden fence next to a road where many cars stopped to view the lights. I saw the same lights the night before from my house, which was about four miles away from the lights. The following evening, October 15th, 1973, I decided to drive to toward the lights. People gathered around but no one knew the source of the lights. The newspaper reported strange objects were seen numerous times during the day and at night. The objects were reported to be seen at different times and at different locations, approximately 33-miles from the previous sighting, which formed a triangle in a systematic path that formed other triangles.

When a person plotted the sightings on a map the triangle measured 33-miles from point to point. The lights and objects were sighted several weeks before they disappeared. People reported that the lights caused unusual behavior in their dogs and cows. These accounts are documented in the Franklin and Nashville newspaper (see October 1973 issues). I was a nonbeliever of UFO's prior to these sightings; however, that experience has changed my attitude about UFO's. I never reported the incident at the time because I was in the Navy on recruiting duty. My experience of seeing the lights left me feeling like I was seeing something; and yet, not actually seeing something, as I reflect on this experience more than 30-years ago! The experience was real. The lights were real. There were reports of laser-like orange lights beaming to and from this large object in the night sky.

I saw only the top-like object that was outlined in several rows of white strobe-like lights that resembled port holes in an airplane. There were at least four layers of lights with nothing noticeable holding them together as they slowly hovered up, down, and side to side. I estimate the object to be the size of three football fields.

Thank you to the eyewitness for the very interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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