Fall 1973

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Connersville & Greenville, Indiana Craft Lands & Beings Took Two Men

Date: Fall of 1973 Time: Evening

In the town of Connersville, Indiana in 1973, I believe it was November when one landed in a factory parking lot at night. Beings were reported to come out of the craft and took two of the men inside the object and released them a little later. Many factory workers and the police were reported to be watching this object on the ground. This event never was reported in the media afterwards. Another strange thing was that it is reported that the military paid the two men who were taken aboard this craft and the military kept the men for testing and questioning for approximately two weeks before they were released.

Clip - Connersville & Greenville, Indiana, Craft Lands And Beings Floated Out - Audio clip - 27:52 minutes long. Interview date: June 13, 2005 .


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