Spring 1973a

Original Sighting Form Report:

Name: patti

Location: edenton n.c. just east of the airport that ysed to be a marine base years ago.

Date: it was years ago, i about 1973, after dark around 8:00 p.m. easterm time. can not remember exactly, but think it was in the spring.

Approach Direction: it was moving west to east, just over the trees, like it had just taken off at the airport there.

Departure Direction: west to east

Witness Direction: west

Description: my husband and i had just driven in from grocery shopping. we had gotten out of the car and was just going into our trailor when a bright glowing light came up over the treetops.it appeared to be as big as a plane, but looked round and has an earie glow to it. it moved over us really slow, then in a instant turned blood red as it shot straight up into the sky. it was gone almost as fast as it arrived. i am sure what i saw was something that was not from us, or either it was secret and still is.

Color/Shape: large,round, glowing,floated over, no sound at all

Height & Speed: it was not high up, as i said, it appeared to take off from the airport behind us. the airport was abandoned years before by the marines i believe after the korean war. the airport was used by local people, and not a busy one. as a child i would play there and mess around in the underground bunkers around it.

TV/Radio/Press: we only told people we knew, who would have really believed us,so we did not call the press.

Follow-up Report from Brian Vike:

Hi, and I will try to answer the questions as I can remember. The incident lasted only a minute or two, I believe it was taking off from the airport that was behind my house, the longest runway was behind my house and only the trees separated my home from the airport. It was gaining altitude as it went over the trees. It had a fluorescing color, and I never saw anything except the round glow, no metal or anything, just a glow. The night was clear, it has always bothered me. I look at the sky at night a lot, but have never seen anything like it since its good to have someone that believes me!

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for the follow-up.]


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