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UFO Sighting Report - USA

Spring/Fall 1973 : Smyrna, Carteret County, North Carolina

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Smyrna, Carteret County, North Carolina

Date: 1973 spring or fall

Time: ca. 10 PM

Number of witnesses: 1

Number of objects: 3

Shape of objects: round elipitcal with oscillating lights

Weather Conditions: clear

Description: I was upstairs watching TV when my dog started barking downstairs. I went downstairs to investigate and he was barking at the back patio door so I stepped outside on the back patio overlooking the water and the shoreline on the other side when I noticed 3 objects at a very low altitude to the right of me hovering over the shore across the water... there was no sound at all, unlike helicopters... the objects moved to the left (a distance of ca. half a mile or so) without making any sound and remained stationary for a moment while they seemed to oscillate with lights in different colors (white or pale yellow and red) ... then they just took off at a speed that definitely appeared much greater than any jet and again without any kind of noise related to their movement. I called Cherry Point, the closest military installation to ask if they were having any kind of maneuvers in my area that evening and they indicated no. When my friend returned from the store that evening, I informed him about the incident and he mentioned that he had heard that a number of people in the area had recently seen unidentified flying objects in the County, a fact that I had not been aware of at the time of the my own sighting.

TV/Radio I did not report the sighting except mentioning it to friends and my call to Cherry Point on the evening of the sighting. I think there may have been reports in the local newspaper (Carteret County News-Times) around the period of my sighting about other sightings in the area, but not certain about this.