Summer 1973

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: westland, michigan usa

Date: late summer dusk 1973

Approach Direction: facing north completing a circle to facing south

Departure Direction: south

Witness Direction: facing south then north than south again

Description: It was dusk of late summer, 1973 in Westland, Michigan. My husband and I were saying goodbye to a visiting niece in our driveway when we all noticed a very large object in the sky in the distance, directly above a wooded area behind our duplex. We lived near Detroit Metropolitan Airport so we didnt think much of it. But after a moment or two it drew our attention again because it was silent. Planes from the airport always made a lot of noise. It was large, moved slowly and made no sound. We then speculated it might be a blimp. It slowly moved around the sky on our righthand side, till it came to a stop and just hovered directly above our neighbors duplex across the street from where we stood. The three of us facing in the opposite direction from when we first spotted it, watched it and wondered why it made no sound. We remarked at how huge it was and how could it just stay still. It was as big or bigger than the two story duplexes on our street. We noticed it had flashing red and blue lights. There were windows with rounded corners midway all around its diameter that were lit with very white light from within. It was circular or possibly a wide oval. It stayed above us for at least three minutes. It slowly departed (it was now on our lefthand side) back towards the direction it had first started from, completing a full circle of movement. We watched as it appeared to descend into the woods located directly behind our back yard. We asked our niece if she wanted to go with us to see if we could find the ufo in the woods. She said no. She was scared. Our niece left in her car and we gathered up our sleeping three year daughter and laid her in the backseat of our car. We drove to the woods which was about a four mile distance. Upon entering the wooded area we noticed it was then fully dark outdoors. The only light was from our headlights. We questioned each other about what we would do if we found the object. The realization hit us that what we were doing was not very well thought out. We turned and went back home and never reported it.

Color/Shape: circular, grayish color, flashing red and blue lights on underside, midway of object there were square windows with rounded corners, brightly lit from within so as to appear white light, placed close in proximity to each other around the complete diameter of object. It was completely silent. It was huge. I would say it was bigger than a large house.

Height & Speed: I have no idea as to the speed it went but, we had plenty of time to discuss it as it approached us. It approached slowly, moving till it was directly above us. It was low enough for us to see the windows in it. It hovered for minutes, then circling, it left slowly then appeared to descend into the woods directly behind our duplex. I say "appeared" because we are not sure that it actually did.

TV/Radio/Press: we never reported it and never heard of anyone else reporting it


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