Spring 1974

Name: Myka

Location: South Carolina side of Lake Wylie. The address would probably have been Clover, SC, USA.

Date: Date uncertain. Spring evening 1974. I am hoping you can help me determine the date by providing a Charlotte Observer newspaper article about similar sightings by others at that time.

Approach Direction: Uncertain of direction; I was not familiar with the location. I would guess "west". Approach was from 45 degree right angle.

Departure Direction: Same as approach. 45 degree right angle, possibly west.

Witness Direction: Uncertain; not familiar with location. My guess is "south".

Description: Quiet spring evening, clear sky. I was standing on private pier over lake. Object appeared with extremely rapid descent at right angle. Stopped in hovering position over water about 50 feet from where I stood. Bright neon blue oval. No other colors or lights. No sound. Hovered maybe five minutes. Do not believe there was a time lapse. No interaction. Departed again at right angle, faster than could be visually followed, and vanished into night sky without a trace.

Color/Shape: Bright neon blue oval. Size about 25' by 10'. Do not recall a sound. Only minor disruption of water surface. No other colors or lights.

Height & Speed: Hovered maybe 8 feet above surface of lake, about 50 feet from where I stood on private pier. Do not recall significant disturbance of water surface. Approach and departure too fast to visually follow.

TV/Radio/Press: The following morning, The Charlotte Observer newspaper reported similar sightings by others of that area in the preceding days.

If anyone can help with a newspaper report please contact me via e-mail and I will pass your details on to Myka - John.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/740000.shtml