June 1974

A Friday night, June 1974 between 9:30 and 10:00 pm CST.

West of Longview, TX - Pine Tree area

Description: Husband noticed eratic movement of lights in sky coming home from the store. Arrived home and called wife outside to witness. Movement of object was consistent, but sometimes moved very fast and sometimes cruising. Could just stop with an unbelieveable suddeness. The UFO disappeared once, but returned and moved above our house where it hovered close allowing us to see it well for maybe 30 seconds. The night was clear, quiet and still. The UFO made no sounds whatsoever at any time.

Color/Shape: Color of the UFO appeared probably dark gray, almost black. Triangle shape, large concave area in bottom with dimly lit windows around. Each of the three corners had a non-flashing light - one red, one white, one green. It was so visible that it's hard to understand why no one else saw it. However, there were no sighting reports from around the area. When the object decided to leave, it did so with a sudden high speed headed toward the heavens and was gone in an instant.

Direction: Came from the east, moved around at will, hovered, left heading into the stars at a 45 degree angle into the northeast.

Height & Speed: Hovered approximately 40 ft. above house. Speeds were very, very fast both approaching and departing starting from a standstill and stopping suddenly on a dime so to speak.

TV/Radio/Press Coverage: There were no sighting reports at all.

The R. Bradleys


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/740600.shtml