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UFO Sighting Report - USA

July 1974 : Outside Carbondale, Illinois

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Outside Carbondale, Illinois near the sandstone dam on Crab Orchard Lake Road

Date: Summertime, not sure of exact time, the stars were already out 07/??/1974

Approach Direction: Directly from behind the car we were in

Departure Direction: Off to the right, up and over the tree line, then straight up into the night sky at an extraordinary amount of speed

Witness Direction: I was a 7 year old and did not know east from west then. I would have to reference a map to give details like that

Description: We as a family had a habit in the summertime of taking a nighttime drive to just look at the stars. We 4 got into our little fiat and headed out towards Crab Orchard Lake. There is a beautiful road that has trees overgrown into an archway all along it that is a joy to drive so we were following this one that night. Occasionally there were spots of open area with grass and sky where we could spot the starry sky.

I sat in the back behind my father who drove, my twin brother sat behind my mom in the passenger seat. The front drivers and passengers windows were open since the air was so pure. We noticed there were other cars on the two lane road with us for awhile, and then without being very aware of it happening, we were left alone on the road. For a couple of minutes we enjoyed the view, then some rather bright lights appeared to the right over the tree line. 2 or 3 large round lights keeping pace with our car but moving around from above the tree tops to closer near the car on the right side.

Dad put the car through its paces. He sped up, slowed down, couldnt shake them. My brother asked him what they were, and dad said they were helicopters. I didnt buy it since there was no sound at all. The lights drifted up and away. After a couple of minutes another set of lights came up from behind very very fast. My dad has always driven fast sports cars. He also raced for fun. He saw the lights and said something to my mom about it being headlights from a truck or semi. We all got nervous because the lights moved from a seemingly normal following distance to right smack on the bumber of the little fiat. Dad floored the fiat and pushed it hard. We were all urging dad to hurry since we thought we were going to get run over by the big semi. I could see my dad sweating as he shifted.

In a second, please forgive the strangeness of this next sentence, the lights SURROUNDED the car. One second we were fleeing for our lives, the next second, the car was infused with the brightest light imagineable from every direction. The CAR FELT LIGHT, exactly as if our car were picked up by something. I dont remember anything else. The very next moment, as my brain seems to think happen, our family was stopped in our fiat on the side of the road. To the right the three large lights sped off into the sky at an unreal speed.

My mom made some inane comment about the clock being off by 4 hours. My dad coughed and got out of the car and stood in the middle of the road facing away from us hands on hips. He bent double and started crying his eyes out. I had never seen him cry until that moment. I never saw him cry until many years later. We called him back into the car and drove home.

Color/Shape: white light, round, seeming normal car speeds, until they flew off.

Height & Speed: i was a little kid, i knew my parents, more importantly my dad was scared, that my mom and brother were not paying attention

TV/Radio/Press: not known