Hwy 70, Seymour-Johnson AFB towards Kinston, North Carolina

November 28th 1974

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: back in 1974 on thanksgiving day was traveling east on hwy 70 going toward kinston nc. coming from the air force base (seymour johnson) was a small silver metallic object heading northeast and then all of a sudden it took a sharp rite turn and went straight up. about 20 seconds after 2 f4 phantoms took off in the same general direction. at the same time all power went off at the base that was apparently caused by an explosion at the bases powerplant. havent heard much about it but heard rumors that a ufo touched down on the airstrip. goldsboro/nc/usa

Date: thursday thanksgiving day 1974 about 1130am

Approach Direction: northeast

Departure Direction: southwest

Witness Direction: east

Description: above in the location of sighting sorry misread it

Color/Shape: silver metallic sort of like a cube shape

Height & Speed: probably when we first saw it about 150 not sure but faster than any f4 i have seen.after initial takeoff straight up at a very high rate of speed

TV/Radio/Press: heard rumors on base from some of the airmen but nothing from the press or tv news network.think the base wanted to keep it quiet.


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