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UFO Sighting Report - USA

1974/1975 : Mineral Wells, Texas

Mineral Wells, Texas Witness Observes Craft But Others Passive Over Sighting

Date: Around 1974 - 1975
Time: Daylight sighting.

HBCC UFO Research Note: This is getting rather interesting to hear about witnesses reactions to some UFO sightings. In the below report the witness is referring to the Fort Stockton, Texas A Huge Boomerang Shaped UFO at: - Also available here on UFOINFO.

I just got finished reading your story on Coast to Coast, for the fourth time. I was in shock. It brought back a flood of memories for me. I remember, in the 70's around 74 or 75, when I was a small child, about 4 or 5 years old, seeing something very similar. We lived in Mineral Wells, Texas. My Dad worked at the air force base near there. I believe it was called Fort Wolters. It was closed down and my dad was relocated. Anyway, I was at my grandparents and they lived right outside the city limits. Most of my time was spent playing in the West Texas sun.

One day was different though. There was this "thing" very similar to what you described. And it just was there. I was sitting in the shade of the pomegranate bush and I remember seeing it. At one point, I ran inside to tell my grandpa. At my insistence, he came out looked and basically said "What about it?" And went back in. We went into town later and there was another one hovering over near the gas plant there. That one he seemed more concerned about. I kept asking him what that was and I was told not to worry about. When we got to the store, I wanted to stay in the truck but he told me no, I had to come in with him. I asked a few people in the store if there saw it and they said that they did. That's it, no excitement, no nothing. I couldn't believe it. They just "disappeared". I went inside to go to the bathroom or something and it was just gone. It stayed there for hours. When I asked my grandparents about it at dinner time, I saw them kind of look at each other and told me that I had a big imagination. But it "was" there. I know what I saw.

Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
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[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for passing this report on.]