New York Thruway Northbound Football Field Sized Boomerang (UFO)

Date: 1975
Time: Approx: 8:30 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 20+
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Boomerang.

Full Description of event/sighting: I was a truck driver on a trip from NYC to Albany. The fastest way was to take the thruway upstate. As I was driving I noticed that I really couldn't get much on the CB and the AM radio was more static than anything else.

Sometime around 8:30 or so I started to notice that there were occasional cars pulled off to the side of the road and even some in the median.

As I pulled under an overpass I saw this thing floating over the road about 100 feet above the roadbed. I slammed on the brakes and almost jackknifed right there!

It was approximately the size of a high school football field, but not quite as wide. It had lights on each end and in the middle with blue square lights all across the back end of the wings.

I managed to get out of the cab of the truck and was standing in front of my truck looking up at it when a NY State Trooper pulled up and got out of his cruiser. He and I stood there for maybe two or three minutes just looking up. We noticed that there was absolutely no sound at all and that it didn't fluctuate or "flutter" and that it just floated in the air. We saw structure, that is we saw the body of the vehicle. No rivets or seams, just the silver/grey color of the body. The trooper called out to me and asked if I was seeing the same thing he was and I assured him that I was indeed seeing the same thing.

Then suddenly it moved over the Hudson River, made a slight turn kind of facing up, and then the next second - literally one second - it was gone.

That's it. Total time was about 5 minutes, no more.

The CB radio came back and so did the AM radio. From there all the way up to Albany I tried to make people believe that I saw what I saw. No one believed me then and I don't think anyone believes me now. Still, I saw it. I'll never forget it. From time to time I have a dream that I'm seeing it again. But only in a dream.

Additional Information:

Q. - Can you please describe the weather conditions at the time of the sighting. Was it Overcast? Raining? A clear night? Full moon?

A. - "From what I can remember, it was fairly clear. I don't remember the moon at all, but I think that it was in the sky."

Q. - In what part of the sky was the UFO located? North, South, East, West? On the horizon or straight overhead or somewhere in between?

A. - "I was headed north and it was just above me. The trooper and I stood right underneath the thing."

Q. - Can you please describe the area in which you made the sighting. Is it near an airport? An Air Force Base? A military or research installation of any kind?

A. - "There weren't any airports around. I don't think I saw any air traffic at all before I saw it."

Q. - The lights that were located on the ends, could you tell me what color these were please ?

A. - "The lights on the ends were blueish/white and were steady in brightness. They were kind of like the new halogen lights on some of the newer cars."

Q. - Also what color was the light that was in the middle of the craft ?

A. - "Almost the same color as the ones on the end, but brighter."

Q. - Seeing the craft so was so low to the ground, did you feel anything unusual from it. Dizziness or a feeling of being light headed ? Or anything else that you found out of the norm ?

A. - "This going to sound a little weird, but we (the trooper and I) both felt light on our feet."

At the time of the sighting, or just afterwards, did you happen to notice any aircraft showing up in the skies ? if so did they follow the same flight path that the object took ?

A. - "I only saw one airplane about 5 or 10 minutes later. It was a small, single-engine Cessna or Piper. I don't think it sat more than 4 people, it was that small."

Q. - Was there any other kind of light source coming from the craft ?

A. - "No, I didn't see any portholes or windows on it."

Thank you very much to the witness for the report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/750000.shtml