September 14th 1975

Name: Daniel

Location: Monterey Park, California. Northwest corner of Garvey and N. Chandker Ave.

Date: Sunday, 9/14/1975, @2:30 PM

Approach Direction: Southeast

Departure Direction: Northwest

Witness Direction: North

Description: Sky was mostly clear to the west with broken cloud cover directly above and to the north and south. Mostly cloudy to the east. While waiting for a traffic light (I was walking eastbound on Garvey Ave) when a large shadow in the clouds to the east caught my attention. I then saw a very large metallic object move from behind a cloud bank into a clear space between clouds. Object was obviously not any conventional aircraft and very very large. Width was about twice the length of a 747 and height was 1/3 of length. No sound at all. No lights or vapors. Object cast shadows on clouds before seen and after as it moved away. Was probably directly over Rosemead (city) when I saw it from my viewpoint in Monterey Park. No fear at all. I just said to myself "oh shit! Those things are real!"

Color/Shape: Dark gray, fat tall disc shape. Dark evenly spaced spots on side and some randomly on bottom.

Height & Speed: Altitude was @ 2500 feet. Speed 500 mph+.

TV/Radio/Press: No sightings of this object were reported to my knowledge.


UFOINFO http://www.ufoinfo.com/sightings/usa/750914.shtml