Loring AFB, Maine

October 1975

Military Serviceman Stationed At Loring AFB Recalls UFO Incident

Date: October 1975

Your mom can probably tell you more about the incident at Loring. I may have a newspaper clipping somewhere about it. When I get time to dig around in the boxes on the porch I'll send a copy if I find it. All I remember is air traffic control got some blips on radar that were not our planes, and could not identify who or what they were. Then bright lights, I think, buzzed the runway at very low altitude and disappeared. The official explanation was they were probably Canadian helicopters, but everyone I talked to said "no way", but would not talk about it in detail. I worked in aircraft debriefing at the time so had fairly close contact with people in air traffic control. They were a bit freaked out by the incident. You may do web searches of Limestone and Caribou news papers if they are available.

Thank you to the gentleman for his report.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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