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UFO Sighting Report - USA

December 1975 & Summer 1974 : Akron, Ohio

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Akron Ohio United States

Date: December 1975 EST and Summer 1974

Approach Direction: The first one was SouthwestDec 1975, the second one Northest Summer 1974

Departure Direction: The first one was Southwest Dec 1975, the second one Northest Summer 1974

Witness Direction: The first one was Southwest Dec 1975, the second one Northest Summer 1974

Description: I was with 2 friends Michelle and Bruce, they were making out behind the bushes and I was swinging on the playground at St. Anthony's Church. I tipped backward and saw the object above the Church Steeple, I jumped off the swing and ran to my friends who came out and stood with me on the playground, the 3 of us watching this craft hover above us about 50-75 feet above the steeple, it dipped and turned as if showing us all of it, it was shaped like a V with 3 distinct lights and smaller lights between those, it reminded me of a boomerang almost...we watched not speaking and right as we decided it was a UFO it took off at a speed so fast you barely saw it zoom away. We all 3 freaked out and ran in seperate directions home, I remember being so scared and excited I could barely tell my parents what had just happened.

The prior summer in 1974, my sister and myself and my cousin saw colored round globe-shaped lights in the sky, as we were looking towards the North east sky in Akron Ohio, there were 3 that glowed amber, red and lightblue, the 3 became one and then just disappeared, once again we ran to tell out parents, but it was too late for anybody to see them.

Color/Shape: The 1st one was like the one seen in Arizona, triangular with 3 distinct light, white and smaller or softer lights between them, it looked like a boomerang with a dark metallic color on its appendages, the 2nd one just a globe like shape amber, red and light blue on color.

Height & Speed: 1st one was huge bigger than the church and it seemed slow and perposeful then a guess of how fast it zoomed off 200mph or faster in a flash it was gone.

The 2nd ones they slowly appeared individually then they combimed together and just seemed to turn themselves off like a light switch

TV/Radio/Press: n/a