April/May 1975

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: On file

Location: Ashburn, Georgia. Turner country, U.S.A. off country rd. 159 about 6 miles north of town

Date: not sure of the day. Happened at night around 9 pm.eastern time. the year was around 1975 in april or may

Approach Direction: did not see approach. was there when we arrived

Departure Direction: shot up in a 45 degree angle toward the west

Witness Direction: east

Description: spring time, we were riding in a jeep with the top dow and decided to park for awhile at this old house in the county. I walked over to a fig tree to pee and while doing that i noticed a light through the fig tree like the moon was coming up over the pine trees back of the house. I was thinking it was a full moon and remembered the full moon had occured over a week back becaused i had gone night fishing at that time. This is what was weird, the moment i thought about this could not be a full moon a super bright white light about the size of half of a football field took off with a speed like nothing from around here could do. It went across the sky in a angle and slowly went out almost like a star falling the wrong way. That was when i yelled for everyone to look and while they were looking in the direction i pointed, the object brightened back up and started traveling again in the opposite direction in about the same angle. It did this a third time back in the orginal direction and justed blipped out and was no more. Total time on all this was about 18 to 22 seconds. When this happened the object made no noise or viberations, just a super bright light. Scared the other two boys with me and they would not go into the woods with me to check out where we first saw it or rather where i first saw it. The next day i did go into the woods and walked all over where i thought it might have been and found nothing. I don't tell to many folks about this because around here they look at you mighty funny. I have told some people over the years about it and wished some i hadn't told. Take this the way you will and if possible let me know if anything else has been seen by what i described. I was in my mid twenties when that happened and now i an 50.

Color/Shape: like a round metal object setting on a ball of light. looked to be almost flat, but could not see that much because the light was so bright

Height & Speed: just saw it leaving and whatever speed it would take to leave the earth and go completely out of sight in 20 seconds pausing a couple of seconds between lighting back up as it changed directions

TV/Radio/Press: no, didn't tell no officals


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