Fall 1975

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Paul

Location: Plainville, MA USA

Date: Fall of 1975

Approach Direction: Static

Departure Direction: SW

Witness Direction: SW

Description: I was about 15 years old when my dad had taken me to a co-workers house to purchase a dirt bike. On the return trip between 7-8pm traveling south on Rte 1a in the Plainville, MA area, I noticed a large object hovering over a sand and gravel yard. The object was fairly close, I'd say about 400-500 yards. I yelled to my dad to look. At that time he pulled to the side of the road. It appeared that a smaller but similar object emerged from underneath the first object and they both took off into the sky. The object had lights, but from what I remember it appeared to be glowing lights. I was amazaed at the speed and ease at how they took off. This area does not have an airport or military base. Today, I am 46 years old and my dad is 88. I vaguely remember calling the local police and asking if there were any sightings of a UFO and there wasn't. I work as a professional photo journalist and am not fooled easily. I am convinced that what I saw on that day was not an illusion, trick of the eye or mistaken for something man made. It was a UFO.

Color/Shape: Metalic, round.

Height & Speed: Over 100 feet wide. It was hard to determine the speed, but it was very fast. The unique thing was that as fast as it moved, it was very graceful.


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