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UFO Sighting Report - USA

Late 1975 : La Crescenta, California

La Crescenta, California Saucer Shaped Craft To Screams And Strange Creature

Date: Late 1975
Time: Approx: 4:00 p.m.

Number of witnesses: 6
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Thick saucer shaped.

Full Description of event/sighting: This is mostly in regards of the 1975 sighting/screams in Thousand Oaks, Ca. La Crescenta is about forty miles south, and only about five or six miles from Jet Propulsion Laboratories, which is in Pasadena Ca.

I do not if these experiences have any bearing on the family from Thousand Oaks, but here it is:

I had a friend over the house late in 1975. I was sixteen years old at the time, and we were outside talking, and looking at a baseball game in progress across the street at the park. The weather was clear, plenty of daylight left. Although honestly I did not see this saucer shape appear, It was suddenly there, hovering over the sky to the North of us. It is difficult for me to tell exactly how high, or far away it was, but the UFO appeared huge.

Excuse me, I mean HUGE! It stayed in the air for some time, as we had time to observe it, I had time to run into the house and get my mother, brother, and father to come out and look at it. It was hovering over the park, between us and JPL. I remember that it had some lights on the side, rotating around the surface of the craft. It hung in the air, but was not totally motionless, as though it kept trying to stabilize itself, kind of like it was on a gyro that wasn't functioning properly. It stayed around for about two or three minutes, than tilted and then left the area at a high rate of speed. Aside from the aforementioned witnesses, I am not sure that anyone else had seen the object.

Now, concerning the screaming that the folks in Thousand Oaks that happened around the same time:

We had some incidences of screaming around here about that time, also. If memory serves correctly, it was just before the above mentioned sighting. Crescenta valley is in a bowl shaped area, created by the mountains to the north of Burbank, Ca. and the Angeles crest forest north of that. We lived pretty much at the base of the Burbank mountain. There is an aqueduct that was cut out in the early seventies, for flood control. Across the flood control (which was fenced off) lies the Crescenta Valley Park, which is directly across the street from my parents house. There are night baseball games (little league) and lights in the park.

It was dark, not too late at night, and some friends and I were sneaking a cigarette in the park, next to the flood control trench when we heard a god-awful scream which reverberated off of the hill, neither animal nor human, but it would be more to the animal side of noise. The three of us about jumped out of our skins, and were trying to see across the trench as to what could have made that particular noise. It may be important to note that the lights of the baseball field had a hard time penetrating this far towards the trench to the hills, and we could not see where it had emanated from. We were in the midst of discussing what had caused the ruckus, and noticed some spectators from the game wandering over towards the trench, kind of angling away from us, so I knew we were not the only ones to hear it. After awhile, these folks left back to the game.

Some time later, as we were still standing around, discussing the incident, we heard another scream across the trench. This time, we witnessed the strangest sight. What it appeared to be was some kind of kangaroo/chupacabra looking animal about fifty yards away, towards the base of the hill. It had to have been at least seven or eight feet tall, we could see its legs and tail fine, but it was kind of hard to see a face, as it fell within some shadows of light off the baseball field. We looked at it, it looked at us, and I really thought some guy rented a Halloween suit and was playing tricks on people. Our minds were changed however, when it ran away. It took off going from zero to about forty miles an hour in an instant. And it went straight into the hills. Straight up the hill. We couldn't follow it for long, but were able to kind of keep track of it by all of the noise it created beating through the brush. I still think of this from time to time, and a kangaroo keeps coming to mind.

As a side note, when I was stationed in the army in Germany, we were on patrol one night in the Black Forest region, late at night, on a small game trail when the whole squad heard a scream which echoed all over the place. No kidding, the hair on my arms stood up. As we only had blanks for our rifles, we turned around and hightailed it out of there. Here's the extra weird thing...Across the animal trail that we had passed not five minutes before, there was a huge tree covering the trail. Needless to say, nobody ran around it, we had so much adrenalin flowing we pretty much climbed/jumped the fallen tree, and pretty much ran all of the way back to the area of operation.

Thank you to the witness for the fasinating report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research.
HBCC UFO Research International:

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