Winter 1975

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Name: Eric

Location: Minnetonka/Minneapolis/Minnesota/USA

Date: 1975. Evening aproximately 8-9pm Central Time

Approach Direction: From the East

Departure Direction: Into the West

Witness Direction: First toward East, then turned to the West

Description: My friend and I were just kids, maybe 10 years of age? I was hanging out at his house one Winter night. We were watching T.V. and decided to go to the local Tom Thumb (Conv store) to get some snacks.

We walked from the front of his house, around to the back. There was about 2-3 inches of old snow on the ground. We walked (South)toward the creek behind his house (Minnehaha Creek) and toward a small wooden bridge that arched over the frozen creek. As we reached the center of the bridge, we saw lights to our left (East) withoout a word we stopped on top of the little wooden bridge. My first thought was that the lights (Two white lights) were head beams from a snow mobile coming down the creek. I quickly realized the two lights were "Criss-crossing" and came down from a source (Not visible) just above the treetops, like search lights. My next thought was that some kid fell through the ice, and they were searching for him.

Being a huge fan of aircraft, I was aware of all (Non secret) aircraft. I knew it wasn't a helicopter, as there was no real sound (I semm to remember a low vibration, a hum as it passed over us) and it did not kick up and snow dust. I knew it couldn't be a balloon, as there was never the tell-tale burst of flame, needed to keep it afloat. The lights move at a leisurely pace, about the speed of a jogger.

As the lights passed over us, that's when I detected a vibration in the air. At this point I strained to see a shape, or vehicle. But we saw nothing, just black displacing the stars. Once it passed over us my friend was the first to speak, he said "Buddy, we can't tell anyone about this!" I realized right away what he meant, we were just two stupid kids, no one would ever believe us. We stood there for a couple minutes more, watching the lights slowly criss-cross off into the distance.

I never spoke to anyone about it for over 16 years.

*Note* Ran into my friend 15 years later (We had gone seperate ways in life) in Uptown Minneapolis, after we exchanged phone numbers, we parted ways again. I was dying to ask him what he recalled about that night. After a couple days, I got up the nerve and called him. I was carefull not to open with any of my own impressions, as I wanted his unaltered recollection. With only one small exception, he recounted the same event in identical detail. The only exception being that he claims we were coming "Back" from the store. I know that this is incorrect, but considering the amount of time that had passed, I consider it a trivial difference.

I have since logged an official report with a member of MUFON.

Color/Shape: No visible shape to the source. The lights themselves were unremarkable, just like standard search lights.

Height & Speed: 5mph about the speed of a person jogging

TV/Radio/Press: I have searched for other reports that coincide with this event, I have found none. Though I find that unbelievable, as this was right smack in the middle of a well populated suburb. Somone else had to have seen it.


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