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UFO Sighting Report - USA

Summer 1976 : Milford, Texas

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Milford, Texas

Date: 00/00/76
   (Its been so long ago, but it was summer time.)
   Evening, dark outside

Approach Direction: Not certain

Departure Direction: Not certain

Witness Direction: Again, not certain

Description: From Kat:
   Hello. I ve wanted to report these sightings for years

In 1976 I was living in Milford Texas in an old farm house in the middle of cotton fields, away from civilization for the most part. Milford then was a dot on the map with the likes of a general store, feed store, gas station and not much else, located between Hillsborough and Waxahachie Texas, south of Fort Worth. One balmy summer s night, I stepped outside to enjoy the weather and gaze up at the starry sky, void of reflected city lights. I noticed to the right of my house, flying about as low as a small plane, a craft of some sort flying in the direction of the back of my house to the front (I don t remember the direction). It caught my attention because it was low enough that I would be able to hear a sound coming from it, yet there was not sound. I wondered how a craft flying so low could be so silent, especially since I was in the middle of nowhere, far, far away from the nearest town. So, I kept watching. As it got to the front of the house it made 90 degree angle turn. Now THAT was surely not ordinary! As I kept watching and as it neared the left side of my house, it again made a 90 degree angle turn and headed to the back part of the house. It seemed to be squaring the house. At this point, not only was it peculiar in no sound and turning a sharp 90*, it began to give me the willies. I called my husband and we continued to watch together from inside the house. After the craft made the last 90* angle turn and as it approached out house, it stopped and became still. Suddenly, a small light flew from it and as it did, the large light seemed to accelerate and fly away in the time of a split second, It was gone. But the smaller light was there and it was dancing around the sky in front of our house making jagged straight lines.

Color/Shape: White light, no sound, flying relatively low

Height & Speed: Not too fast, as low as a prop plane might fly

TV/Radio/Press: None as far as I know

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Speaker icon Interview by Brian Vike Speaker icon 24 minutes - 16.5Mb MP3 File

[UFOINFO thanks Brian Vike for the follow-up interview.]