July 1976

In 1976, I lived in Enon, Ohio close to WPAFB. I was a senior in high school, and used to hang around with a guy named David who lived on Spangler Road, around a mile from the Air Force base runway. His house was on top of a hill with a nice view.

One late summer night (I think in July) we were sitting in his car, an orange VW beetle, halfway down their long driveway, on the south side of the hill watching the stars, listentng to a beatles tape. (One night we saw a great display of Arola Borealis from there) At one point, the "star" I was looking at, high in the east, which appeared to be moving very slowly, suddenly moved in an instant to a place around 30 degrees south. It was so startling that I jerked my glance to Dave. He was wide eyed, and said "Did you see what I just saw?". You know that you can't expect a person who hasn't seen it to understand the depth of awe.

We continued to watch, and the "light" moved through a series of high speed, right angle maneuvers, getting lower and brighter. It eventually became clear that the light was a vehicle of some kind and that it was coming directly toward us. In the sky I couldn't discern any shape; just the white light getting bigger and lower as it came in. The runway was at our backs with the object coming from the front.

Interstate 675 lies at the bottom of the hill about 50 yards from the car. Across the highway is a cow field. With the car running and the stereo playing, we saw the light come down to I'd guess 200 feet of the ground in the cowfield across the road, moving around 5 miles an hour right towards us. A white light cone projected onto the ground beneath it and I could see the circle of light on the ground moving; that's how I estimate 5 mph. Right then the whole car died. Engine, lights, stereo, everything. I was scared shitless and curious too; Dave panicked, jumped out and tried to push the car to jumpstart it by rolling back down the hill, saying "Let's get the F@@@ outa here" but I got out and tried to hold the car there.

I told him we'd never get to see this or find out what was going on for the rest of our lives. As we struggled and had that conversation, we were both watching the thing come up to the edge of the field just 100 yards across the highway now. Then it occured to me that it was silent - totally quiet. I could see that the 20-30 yard circle of light on the ground was definately going to come over us if we didn't move, and then I panicked too, started helping Dave roll the car back down.

We were terrified and trying to flee now. It's a steep hill, and when we hit the road, he popped the clutch, and the car started. He put it in 1st, turned out the lights and floored it heading away, around the back of the hill towards Haddix Road. I think we got away. I don't remember the next while; but I do remember driving back by the driveway sometime later that night and finding everything seeming back to normal. Dave might have a clearer memory of what happened from after we rounded the hill until we checked back.

We didn't tell anybody official or the news because - well you know what kind of reaction to expect. The family and friends we did tell gave us a taste of what to expect. So I tell it every now and then casually, and almost always get that look. I know I shouldn't have to justify this to you, but all those things; right angle high speed, silent, the car dying that are the common story; they REALY happened to me.

Someday, if we put together enough evidence, we can find out the whole truth. I haven't talked to Dave for years; he was a manager of ***** gas stations in the area for years. I'm half inclined to get hypnotized and pull out the details for a clearer memory.

So there it is. Not so strange I guess; definately true. Interestingly, I now live on the edge of Trumbull county where the '94 incident took place. When I saw the comments made by the officer who was directly under it, there were too many similarities, and I realized that it must be a real ??? something, and that I should share it. Contact me if you'd like, share my story and email with whomever.

Jim Nordmeyer


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