July 1976

Newcomerstown, Ohio

July 1976, Between 9:30 & 11:00 PM

It was July 1976 when my sister, mother and myself were leaving Newcomerstown to go out to the country to visit my relatives. I would say between the hours of 9:30 and 11:00 PM because everyone was awake when we arrived. At any rate, after traveling no more than a mile out of town, I noticed a light in the sky that looked like an airplane.I, being a curious 13 year old boy, decided to watch the airplane. Nothing better to do on the short drive anyways.

After we had traveled about 2.5 miles, I noticed this 'airplane' was apparently following us. We reached the peak of a hill and noticed the object off to our left, keeping pace with us. We continued on.

After about 3 to 3 1/4 miles and another turn, all three of us in the car noticed the object obviously following us, keeping pace. At one point when it was off to our left, it appeared to be not much higher than tree top level and going about the same speed as the car.

We arrived at the house my aunt and uncle as well as 5 cousins lived in. We got out of the car and my mom went and got my seven relatives in the house trailer. They all came outside and observed in shock and amazement this object as it hovered just about tree top level, almost directly above us !

My mom then had my uncle call my grandparents and had them come up and look at what we were looking at. They lived just 100 yards down the road. They too watched this craft as it hovered just above us.


It was round in shape. It looked like two coffee cup saucers placed on each other, lip to lip. I have no idea of the color. It was just above the tree tops. I would estimate no more than 150 to 200 feet above us. It had windows on it and this was obvious because we could actually see light inside of it ! It had two or three lights on the top and maybe as many as six lights on the bottom. These lights were multi colored. I honestly do not remember how many of each color, but I do remember red, white and maybe yellow. It made absolutely NO NOISE what-so-ever as it hovered there. When it left, it left as quickly as you would see a flash of lightening. There one second; gone the next. Again, it made no noise.

I wish I would have had a video camera then to record this encounter. It was quite fascinating, it was an event I'll never forget, and it is an event that I talk with various family members about from time to time that were present. They all remember it the way I just described it. All witnesses are still alive except my grandmother who passed away in 1988.

Many, Many Thanks To Don Keating EOBIC


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