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UFO Sighting Report - USA

July/August 1976/1977 : Miamisburg, Dayton, Ohio

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Miamisburg, Dayton Ohio USA. The old Southland 75 drive in movie theater. ST Route 741.

Date: ?July, August? ? 1976,77

Time: Approx 10:30 or 11:00 pm

Number of witnesses: More than 100,People were out of their cars looking back at object. Horns and lights from their cars going off. The object was almost on top of Interstate 75. The Dayton Mall is across the road. Personally I had 3 witnesses with me. Literally hundreds had to see the thing.

Number of objects: One.

Shape of objects: Seemed to be round. It had double row of lights which seemed to go around the object.

Weather Conditions: Clear. Warm summer night. Stars were very visible.

Description: We were watching a movie at the Drive in. Suddenly car lights and horns were going off making it almost impossible to watch the movie. I seen several people out of their cars looking and pointing back away from the movie screen. I looked back and seen this incredibly large object that was dark except for row of lights. I couldn't believe it! It made no noise. It did not hover. It was still! It seemed to be 75 to 100yds away. It was close and very big. It seemed like the size of half of a Wal-Mart store!

The object sat there for about 20 or so minutes. Then it took off towards Centerville OH and arched right to Montgomery County Airport. It sat close if not over that airport for maybe 4 or 5 minutes. It then came back to what seemed to be the exact spot at the Drive in. It sat there for 4 or 5 more minutes then took off into the lights of Dayton. The speed that this craft had is not in my understanding. No noise. No to and fro movement. My friends and I thought that it would be all over the news. Nothing! Wright Patterson Air Base had to see it. Montgomery County Airport had to see it. Folks traveling on I 75 had to see it.

All the traffic around the Dayton Mall Someone had to see it!!!!I have seen many aircraft. I have lived around Dayton most of my life. To see something that big that makes no noise and fly (move) that quick is Astounding. I know others seen this thing. Why is no one saying anything? I know how people react, I know that look they give, How can something be over such an area as WPAB and no one says a thing?

I know it has been many years since. I truly figured someone would have at least claimed swamp gas!! I just know it was real and I have witnesses! Just the people at the Drive In would number over 75 or 100. I don't understand why no one has said a thing. Thanks for the opportunity to post this.