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UFO Sighting Report - USA

Spring 1976 : Chazy Landing, New York

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Chazy Landing, New York

Date: Spring 1976

Approach Direction: Towards Lake Champlain

Departure Direction: Straight Up

Witness Direction: Towards Apple Orchard

Description: I was living with a brother in a small house across the street from the lake. Behind us was a very large apple orchard. The trees were the same height for miles and not that tall. One night around 11PM I went outside to have one last smoke before bed. At 17 years old I was running 7 miles a day and in the best shape of my life and had a sharp, clear and lucid mind. It was a crystal clear night with billions of stars. As a marveled at the universe I saw a blinking white light move in over the apple trees about a mile away. I could not see the object or its shape and it continued to move ever closer to me hovering just above the tree line. I became startled as I felt a presence attempting to communicate with me telepathically. I ran into the house yelling for my brother to come out and ran back outside just in time to see the object shine a light so bright it illuminated the night sky like the sun. It then shot off straight up into the stars faster than anything possibly could move. All the while it made absolutely no noise at all. My brother knew a captain in the air force at the Plattsburg NY base and asked him about it the next day. The captain said over 250 reports came in that night and the official response was it was an unusually bright aurora borealis. I ve seen the Northern lights before and that explanation proved to me the government knew a lot more about this than they were saying!

Color/Shape: Bright White Light, like the SUN!

Height & Speed: About 50 feet off the ground and less than 100 yards away.

TV/Radio/Press: Many people reported the sighting the the air force base at Plattsburg, NY.