Summer 1976

Fort Bragg, North Carolina Brilliant Oval Shaped Object

Hello Brian,

After reading some of the former military personnel sightings on rense.com, I'd thought I'd add my two cents. Although I was never in the military, my father was Regular Army and retired in 1985 after around 30 years of service.

When I was a child in the late 70's we lived at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Actually, we lived in the small town next to it called Fayetteville in military housing. In the summer of 1976, I saw something strange that I'll never forget. I walked next door to a friend's house and rang the doorbell. He shortly opened the door and said he'd be right out and ran back into the house leaving the door open, but the screen door closed. I then turned around to see an oval shaped object that was an absolutely brilliant pure white. I couldn't see windows or any other features on this UFO because its entire elliptical face was shining brightly. It was like pure light, but the object had a distinct outline.

It was a calm sunny day with nothing but blue sky all around. The UFO must have been located in the northwest because the sun was to the right of me and behind a ways, so I was in standing in shadows. I stood there in shock for a few seconds as the thing moved very slowly and very solidly (in other words it didn't bob around in the air) from the left to the right, or north easterly direction. It was probably about 1000 feet or so off the ground and at 40 degrees elevation angle. It made no sound whatsoever.

After I gathered my composure I started yelling to my friend to hurry up and come outside. He came back to the front door and I saw him sit on the floor and start to put on his sneakers just inside the screen door. I watched the object for a few more seconds and then it simply blinked out as if someone turned off a light. A second later my friend came outside to join me. I suddenly felt afraid not knowing where the thing had gone and what would happen next, so I entered his house and got him to follow me then told him what I saw. We spent the next several minutes looking out of windows for it and that's all I can remember.

I had forgotten all about this sighting until about 5 years later. I was living in Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas when I read an article that startled me. It was an interview with a man who lived in North Carolina who said that he and an elderly couple had seen the oval UFO's that I had seen. Furthermore, this man stated that he had been told by unnamed government sources that there was a secret or hidden base somewhere in the area which he believed they were coming from. Incidentally, Pope Air Force Base was right next to Fort Bragg.

I've lived in Phoenix, Arizona for the past 9 years. I did not see the Phoenix lights that made the national news a few years back, nor have I seen some of the things that people have captured on video, though I'd really like to. However, a few years ago I did see a strange V-shaped craft here at sunset. It was totally black, very big, and had no lighting at all. I was driving directly east straight toward it and estimated it to be around a mile or so up. I also saw a commercial airplane, silver in color, higher, further distant, and to the left or north of this V-shaped craft. The commercial plane, probably a 737 or airbus, had its landing lights on as it approached Sky Harbor airport.

At first I thought this big black object heading toward me was just a flying wing or something similar that didn't have its lights on, but as it banked to eventually head directly south, I saw it was a V-shaped craft that was hollow in the middle, but also seemed to have the bottom part, or the tips of its wings connected. In other words, a flying triangle. Really strange.

Anyway, I don't know what the truth behind the UFO mystery is, but there can be no doubt that strange things have been seen flying in the skies everywhere in the world by credible witnesses for many years that defy identification, and therefore, explanation.


Thank you to the witness for the excellent reports.

Brian Vike, Director
HBCC UFO Research


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