Plymouth, Maine

Summer 1976

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Plymouth, Maine U.S.A.

Date: Summer 1976

Approach Direction: It approached from the left, and stayed for a very short while, then sped off back from where it had come.

Departure Direction: from the left, then back to the left

Witness Direction: We were looking up facing it, actually waiting for it.

Description: My sister Sarah, 15 at the time, had been lying out in a lawnchair on our lawn, tanning, and had hollared to everyone to hurry up and come outside. She said she had seen a silver disc, but it took off right before we got outside, and she was very disappointed that we had missed it. It was really weird, because she suddenly announced that we would all be out side at exactly the same time the next day (high noon), and that maybe we would see it again. So we, my brother and my two sisters and I, were all outside the next day, and at exactly at 12 noon, it appeared, coming from the left, rotating and shimmering for a while, then sped off super fast. The whole thing lasted less than a minute. It was a beautiful shimmering disc, but it was rather creepy that it had returned exactly as my sister had hoped/predicted. I was certain I did not want it to return again.

Color/Shape: silver disc, way high up in the sky, maybe 1500-3000 feet up

Height & Speed: very, very fast, maybe 1500-3000 feet It was very small from where we were standing. I'm not that great at determining distances, and I was only 8.


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