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UFO Sighting Report - USA

August 1977 : Lake Michigan shoreline, Michigan City, Indiana

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Lake Michigan shoreline, Michigan City ,Indiana,USA (beach path end through dunes - off end of Georgia Ave. (Georgia Ave. is a 1 block street off Lake Shore Drive ending near the dunes/beach trail entrance)

Date: 08/??/1977 about 10:00 PM Local time (Central Standard Time back then)

Approach Direction: Low over the water's edge from the West (Michigan City and the beach is on the very South end of Lake Michigan)

Departure Direction: Continued across my & my dog's field of view and went and disappeared to the East (if it continued its shoreline would eventually have ended up in New Buffalo, Michigan.)

Witness Direction: Facing Northwest as the 3 spheres approached from our left...facing due North as they passed in front ...and facing Northeast as the 3 objects moved East and away.

Description: I was 28 at the time with my new wife and 1 child. I was walking our dog (a black lab bird dog..Kahlua) as usual, at about 10:00 pm on a warm August night. I always took her to a sandy dune entrance path to the beach that was just across the street from our corner apartment building. I looked down at her by my side and she had stopped and pointed with 1 front paw up and tail extended - to the beach opening of our path. I looked and saw a fuzzy glow beyond the dune there at the beach end. I figured it was a few of my neighbors having another one of their weekend bonfire parties. We quickly walked out to see if we knew the people ..but when we reached the beach was dark and desolate in front of us and to the East. I then looked West..and could not believe what I was seeing. 3 spheres of light were slowly moving towards our spot, just above the small shoreline waves. (It was a breezy wind off the lake but the waves were fairly small, just barely lapping onto the sand. The breeze was blowing my long hair back.) The 3 spheres were in an echelon formation. I would guess they were each 3 to 5 feet across. There was 1 out front, with each of the other 2, to the left and right rear of the front sphere. They were only seperated by a few feet distance from each other. They were a yellowish pink with the pink being static fingers of light moving around the surface and the yellow coming from the sphere itself. They were very colorful but had a soft light (like a flourescent bulb light.) They were not real bright. They were fuzzy looking. They then glided in front of us at about 80 to 100 feet distance, at the water's edge. I could make out the small foam waves lapping up on the brown sand below the one closest to us. I believe the other one was over the shallow water and the front one over sand and waves. It was a faint even glow on the sand and water. They looked to be about 1 foot over the water/sand at this point. They seemed to slow but I am not sure. I looked down at my dog and her hair was standing up on her back and her head was following the objects as she watched them. I looked at them again and they were slowly moving down shore at the same position above the small waves/sand and they quickly moved East and disappeared as a single light source due to the distance. I went inside and told my wife, Vicki, and see noted I was very shook up over the incident. I called the Michigan City police the next morning and told them I saw lights along the shore ..but they laughed and said it was airplane lights & hung up on me. I later sent a sighting report to Dr. J. Allen Hynek at Northwestern University in Chicago.I included a rough sketch of the sighting. Exact date I wrote him is forgotten.

Color/Shape: They emitted a soft yellow glow with static arcs of pink moving around their globe surfaces. They never wavered off their low course or from each other. This has sometimes made me think they were connected in some way, although I never saw a physical connecting.

Height & Speed: The speed,I would put at a human jogging pace or slightly slower. It was faster than a walk. They seemed to move East and away from us much faster than the approach from the West.

TV/Radio/Press: No, after the officer laughed on the phone at me..I decided not to go public in person.