February 1978

Dublin, New Hampshire

February 1978 (no time given)

The sighting took place back in February 1978. I was attending Prep School in Dublin, New Hampshire. I was with five of my friends on the "Upper Field". This aided in what we saw as there were no electric lights thus making the sky more visible.

The "object" came towards us and we thought little of it at first until it got closer. We noticed that it was very large. It was also very quiet for the size. It made sort of an electric humming or pulse sound. The shape was more or less triangular or arrow shaped. The under side had what appeared to be three very bright white lights around a reddish blinking light. The side we saw had about two horizontal rows of four (maybe three) lights each. These we sort of rectangular, something like a horizontal window. The rear end was the most dramatic. When the object turned and headed south, we could see the back. It had a series of whitish lights which at times gave off a prizmic effect. There were what appeared to be three primary light sources one on each end and one in the middle. The light pulsed in some way giving a back and forth effect. There also appeared to be some kind of grid like thing over the lights. Almost as if the lights were shinning through some vertical bars of some sort.

This man who sent me this report, has a very good background in a professional field.

Many Thanks To Alex For His Report


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