Ironton, Hwy 89, Utah County, Utah

November 23rd 1978

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Ironton, Hwy 89, Utah County, Utah, USA

Date: Thanksgiving Day, 11-23-78, approximately 10:00-10:30pm CST

Approach Direction: It came from the slight North East over the top of a mountain ridge along the side of the highway.

Departure Direction: It departed rapidly straightup and then in a southeast direction.

Witness Direction: I was driving a 1967 VW Bug North on old State Street (Highway 89).

Description: I was departing from my apartment where I lived at the time, 819 N State Street, Springville, UT. Approximately 1.5 miles out of town the highway became very dark because there were no street lamps and the mountain range along the eastside of the Highway. It was not quite a half moon so the mountains on the right seemed to cast an even darker shadow upon the highway.

Out of nowhere super bright flickering lights which were also extremely rapid in motion caught my attention. I looked up and then looked ahead onto the highway. I also simultaneously checked the rearview mirror to confirm the highway in both directions was black as pitch and I was completely alone on this stretch of highway. I was not quite 7 months pregnant and had felt my baby lurch at the very same instant the lights had caught my attention. I also pulled over to a complete stop while I was checking the highway for any other activity. I looked back up to the lights in order to gain a clearer view and understanding of what appeared to be an enormous hovering object in the shape of a rapidly swirling boomerang with three distinct end points. The lights in the center were also distinctly swirling at a different pace of motion from the outside of the object's tripod ends. The object had the distinct ability to remain stationary and it seemed to momentarily hover. As my mind raced to make rational observation of this object my physical eyes were witnessing the object shoot straight up and then projected back over the mountain ridgetop in a southeast direction.

I jumped out of my car but the night was suddenly just as dark as it had been before the sudden blast of lights. Interestingly, I did not feel afraid but more of an intense curiosity as my mind continued to struggle to locate some natural facsimile of correlation to what I had just witnessed. My baby in my womb had been actively kicking and moving after his initial lurch from stillness which occured simultaneously at the instant the lights caught my attention and continued during the entire episode of experience. He had also returned to stillness at the same instant the lights disappeared. I got back into the car and continued to scan the sky and the mountain ridge as I drove to the destination of my husband's parent's home.

When I arrived I told them of what I had just witnessed. They did not know how to respond. They did not argue or insinuate the impression they did not take me seriously. I have never spoken of it since. I have never even mentioned this occurence to my son who was born on Jan 6, 1979 at 10:19pm, CST around the same time I had seen the soaring object 44 days before. I just saw Danny Gordon's experiences on "Unsolved Mysteries" which occured in the state of Virginia. The information triggered the vivid recollection of this experience because of both his description and the fact my son has bought a home in Virginia last year, 2005.

Color/Shape: In comparison to the ridgetop of mountains on the eastside of the highway the object was enormous. I could not make any reasonable projection of possible size because of the natural distortion the eyes create when looking straight up the side to the top of an enormous mountain ridge. What was also startling was the swift maneuverability of something that appeared to be almost as large as the peak of the mountain's ridgetop. It's shape was difficult to determine because of the constant motion of the circumference and the object's center of light activity. I could not determine a color as this also seemed to change by reflection. I do remember instantly thinking I was looking at the top backside of the mountain's ridge which also seemed to further confuse me.

Height & Speed: I could not determine anything of speed, height, approach, or departure except rapid and impossible continued to echo in my mind's assimilation to locate anything to measure and compare it against.

TV/Radio/Press: At this time both Provo and Springville were sleepy little towns which rolled up the streets at dark. It was unusual for me to be driving so late but, it was a holiday and I was running a favor for my now ex- husband and his brother.


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