Surry, Maine

Summer 1978

UFOINFO Sighting Form Report

Location: Surry, Maine U.S.A.

Date: Summer 1978

Approach Direction: heading toward our car

Departure Direction: over the top of our car, and out of sight

Witness Direction: My sister and I were lying in the back of our Ford Pinto, facing it as it came around the bend and as it followed behind our car.

Description: My mother was driving. My 15-year-old brother was in the front passenger seat. I was 10, and my sister was 8. We had a game we played in the car, back in the good 'ol days where you didn't have to wear a seat belt, where we would lie in the back. looking out the hatchback, and watch the moon "follow" us. We were doing that when we noticed that "the moon" was "following us". We told our mother when the "moon", a ball of red light, which didn't really look like fire, moved the way our car moved, following our every twist and turn at a distance of about 50-100 feet. It was so long ago, it's hard to remember everything. My brother turned around, and seeing it, told my mother to "step on it". My mother sped up, and we were very scared at this point. Just then, the "ball of light", moved upwards over our car, (It had been getting slowly closer to us.)and zoomed off over us, and up out of sight. None of us saw where it went after leaving the view of the back window. My brother tried to see it, but I think I remember it was gone out of sight. At no time was there any sound of any kind. I got the feeling we were being watched. I didn't like it.

Color/Shape: reddish ball of light; fire-like, but not fire

Height & Speed: It just appeared going over the road, maybe 15 feet above it, following us. It took off fast, but I do seem to recall it didn't leave going straight up, but at a very sharp degree upward, so my brother must have seen something, and tols us that. Plus, by the way it went "up" our car, then took off, it couldn't have been straight up at least at first.


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